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Discover functional and decorative storage baskets and bins at Old Time Pottery. We have a variety of stylish, affordable storage solutions that add extra flare to your home. From woven storage wonders to metal and plastic decorative storage bins, you can organize your house with sophistication and grace. You'll find pieces that match your home's aesthetic as well as items of decorative storage that bring in a "wow" factor.

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At Old Time Pottery, we know that the items you purchase are important to the essential function of your home. Not only does each product serve as an aspect of the decor, but it also needs to suit your needs. You can place decorative storage bins in any room in your home to help streamline your space, decrease the clutter, and create an appealing look. Do all of this and more when you use your imagination to choose the best pieces for you without breaking the bank. Being on-trend and in style are two of our core values, and we believe that this should always be affordable and attainable for our customers.

Uses for Decorative Bins & Baskets

Decorative bins and baskets can serve as a resting place for home accents such as stunning ceramic balls, scented potpourri, and traditional vase fillers. This is an excellent way to bring color, texture, and design into your space. You can place these items on coffee tables, end tables, media consoles, in the bathroom, or by your entranceway to enhance the look and feel of your home.

Often, these decorative elements tie together your existing interior design. Pick decorative basket fillers that match a room's "pop" color or complement the textures you already have in place. Or use them as a place to house home fragrances in a visually appealing and discrete way while remaining functional.

The Functionality of Decorative Baskets & Bins

While baskets and bins can certainly serve a primary decor purpose, accentuating other home accents, they often serve as functional pieces too. Decorative storage bins allow you to organize the vast array of items you may have lying around, unsure where to place them. When you choose a functional storage bin, this solves the problem.

These baskets and bins can hold kids' toys in a way that's easy to manage yet extremely effective. Don't waste time placing each puzzle and ball back on the shelf or in a cabinet daily. Instead, round everything up and keep the items in decorative storage bins for easy access tomorrow, with less hassle.

You can also use decorative storage to house items such as extra throw pillows and blankets. You may not use these items every day, but keeping them within reach is convenient. You don't have to fold them up and retrieve them from a linen closet when they're already in the living room, neatly stashed in a decorative basket next to the sofa or under the media console.

Additionally, use bins and baskets to organize larger spaces such as bathroom closets and kitchen pantries. Dedicate each bin to one type of item, such as medication or makeup. In the kitchen, keep snacks in one place where the kids can grab them without rummaging through boxes and shelves. Or use baskets and bins as catch-alls on media console shelves and bookcases for the smaller items you collect that may not have a proper place.

Styling Tips with Decorative Baskets & Bins

To effectively style your home with decorative storage, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First, consider the use of the bin or basket. If you're using the items to organize a pantry or bathroom, you may want to choose pieces that offer easy sight of what's inside. That way, you don't have to pull each bin down when searching for the correct item. If you're using baskets and containers to store larger items, like throw blankets, consider pieces that are wide and deep. For home fragrance and decor storage, opt for shallow baskets and bins to showcase what's inside.

Additionally, you don't want your new storage items to clash with your home. Choose from your existing color and texture palette. For rustic spaces, consider woven baskets to keep with that all-natural feel. Choose metal items that blend seamlessly if your room is more modern and contemporary.

To browse our collection of storage items, baskets, and bins, visit Old Time Pottery today. We continuously update our selection so you can always find the pieces you need at a price sure to please.


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