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Color Pop Hand Towel (3 Colors)

Color Pop Hand Towel


3 Colors Available

Softee Hand Towels (10 Colors)

Softee Hand Towels

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10 Colors Available

Duet Hand Towels (9 Colors)

Duet Hand Towels

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9 Colors Available

Softee Wash Cloths (10 Colors)

Softee Wash Cloths

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10 Colors Available

Softee Bath Towels (10 Colors)

Softee Bath Towels

On Sale from $2.99 Regular price $5.99

10 Colors Available

Hotel Zero Twist Wash Cloths (6 Colors)

Hotel Zero Twist Wash Cloths

From $3.99

6 Colors Available

Color Pop Bath Towel (3 Colors)

Color Pop Bath Towel


3 Colors Available

Color Pop Washcloth (3 Colors)

Color Pop Washcloth


3 Colors Available

Deluxe Hand Towels (11 Colors)

Deluxe Hand Towels

On Sale from $2.99 Regular price $4.99

11 Colors Available

Deluxe Wash Cloths (11 Colors)

Deluxe Wash Cloths

On Sale from $2.49 Regular price $4.99

11 Colors Available

Deluxe Bath Towels (11 Colors)

Deluxe Bath Towels

On Sale from $3.99 Regular price $7.99

11 Colors Available

Washcloth 6 Pack (7 Colors)

Washcloth 6 Pack


7 Colors Available

Duet Bath Towels (9 Colors)

Duet Bath Towels

Clearance $3.99 Regular price $7.99

9 Colors Available

High-quality bath linens, such as towels and mats, can make all the difference in experiencing luxurious relaxation. Additionally, showcasing the best bath towels in your space creates an inviting environment for guests that will "wow" them. Your family will enjoy an upscale feel each time they wash their hands or step onto a plush bath mat after a long day. Upgrade your bathroom today with affordable bath linens at Old Time Pottery. Shop a wide variety of absorbent towels, bath mats, beach towels, and more to match the look of your space. Display them proudly, folded neatly on shelves, or hang them in a practical fashion next to the shower door.

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At Old Time Pottery, you'll find a wide variety of bath towel sets, hand towels, floor mats, shower curtains and accessories, and even beach towels. Get the best quality materials and the most stylish products, all at affordable pricing. We believe every customer should be able to use their imagination to create a beautiful bathroom without spending a fortune. Shop our entire bed and bath collection today and find products that are total perfection.

Why Quality Bath Towels Make a Difference

There's nothing better than taking a long, relaxing bath or shower at the end of a long day. Or maybe your morning routine includes a bathing and grooming routine that prepares you for the day. Either way, you want the experience to be the absolute best. Bathing isn't just for cleanliness. It's also how we rejuvenate ourselves and feel our very best. The quality of bath linens and towels hanging outside the shower curtain or door makes a huge difference.

There's nothing worse than stepping out into the bathroom and finding a scratchy, uncomfortable towel to dry yourself. It can feel abrasive against your skin, damage your freshly washed hair, cause frizz, and can leave you feeling less rested than before. They may not be as absorbent, causing frustration as you attempt to get dry. This is the opposite of what everyone wants. Instead, ensure your bathroom linens greet you with only the highest-quality fibers.

Additionally, low-quality towels can impact your wallet. When towels have low-quality materials, they wear down more quickly. This means they lose their lush feel and deteriorate in both looks and feel. The colors may fade, the ends may fray, and they begin to feel more like sandpaper than the fluffy bath towels you adore.

When you buy high-quality bathroom linens, you're ensuring you'll get towels that stand the test of time. They'll maintain their soft, comfy feel for longer and remain looking great. High-quality bath towels and linens are less likely to tear, thin out quickly, or lose their absorbency. The quality of your bath towel set is essential to your shower routine.

Different Bath Towel Sizes

The term "bath towel" encompasses a variety of products and sizes, each of which has a different use. You'll find smaller bath linens, such as hand towels and washcloths. These are perfect to hang next to sinks or keep in the shower. With the right hand towels, you'll never leave guests frantically shaking their hands dry again.

You'll also find the standard-size bath towels you're accustomed to using for your entire body, typically with dimensions of 30-inches x 54-inches. However, you can take it even a step further to elevate your bathroom when you purchase a bath sheet.

Bath Sheets

Bath sheets are even larger than standard bath towels, with dimensions of 36-inches x 64-inches. They're generously oversized, providing you with all the extra softness and comfort you could ever desire. Wrap yourself in a large bath sheet for added warmth, extra absorbency, and a more sumptuous feel.

Beach Towels

Some people also like to keep beach towels as part of their bath linen collection. These are particularly helpful to store in bathroom closets or hanging on door hooks if you have a pool. Beach towels are the largest type of bathroom linen, with dimensions of 40-inches x 70-inches. Featuring bold and bright patterns, they can also add an element of fun to bath time for little ones.

Bath & Beach Towel Materials

When selecting your bathroom linens and towel sets, the product material you choose matters. At Old Time Pottery, we don't believe that you should have to pay extra for superior materials. Our towel sets use 100% cotton, spun in various ways. You'll find double-loop terry cloth towels for incredible durability. You'll also see 100% ringspun cotton sets, providing astonishing softness and fantastic absorbency.

Other cotton construction towels include zero-twist spun cotton that gives an air of hotel-worthy luxury, softness, and comfort. Our beach and pool towels are woven cotton, excellent for placing on lounge chairs or inside elegant cabanas.