Dining Textiles

Gauze Tablecloth (6 Colors & 4 Sizes)

Gauze Tablecloth

On Sale from $6.49 Regular price $12.99

6 Colors Available

Angelica Tablecloth (4 Sizes)

Angelica Tablecloth

On Sale from $6.49 Regular price $12.99

1 Colors Available

Rosedale Tablecloth (5 Sizes & 3 Colors)

Rosedale Tablecloth

On Sale from $6.49 Regular price $12.99

1 Colors Available

Soft Lemons Tablecloth (4 Sizes)

Soft Lemons Tablecloth

On Sale from $6.49 Regular price $12.99

1 Colors Available

Braided Edge Round Placemat 4pk (3 Colors)

Braided Edge Round Placemat 4pk

Clearance $4.99 Regular price $9.99

1 Colors Available

Leyla Round Placemat 4 Pack (3 Colors)

Leyla Round Placemat 4 Pack

Clearance $4.99 Regular price $9.99

3 Colors Available

Lane Check Blue Tablecloth (4 Sizes)

Lane Check Blue Tablecloth

On Sale from $6.49 Regular price $12.99

1 Colors Available

Lane Check Yellow Tablecloth (4 Sizes)

Lane Check Yellow Tablecloth

On Sale from $6.49 Regular price $12.99

1 Colors Available

Shop a wide variety of table linens and textiles at Old Time Pottery. From cloth napkins to tablecloths, placemats, and more, we have the best table linens for sale in the area. Spruce up your breakfast nook, formal dining room, or kitchen table with a new set of items, or swap them out seasonally for something that's always fun and on-trend. Here, there's nothing you won't find.

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At Old Time Pottery, all our table linens are intended for repeated use, and we design each item to stand up to everyday wear and tear. They're staples in your home, but they're a statement of style as well. High-quality tablecloths and linens protect your special surfaces from scratches, nicks, and spills. At the same time, cloth napkins are the perfect way to minimize your environmental impact while still wiping off hands or silverware.

Having the proper tablecloths, napkins, and placemats can tie the entire look of your eating space together and provide family and guests with the vibe you want. Whether you're going for something a little more formal to suit the holidays or want to offer a casual dining space for the kids after school, Old Time Pottery is the place to shop for your entire kitchen and dining collection.

Different Dining Room Styles

Every dining room has a different style, just like the person who creates it. Some dining rooms are enclosed and separate from the rest of the house, primarily used to host special occasions. Others are part of the more popular open floor concept, with less visible boundaries between the cooking area, eating space, and room to lounge. No matter what your dining room table linen needs, we have items that are up to the job.

Enclosed dining rooms tend to be more formal, calling for elegant table linens such as full-skirted tablecloths, folded cloth napkins on display, and sophisticated placemats to go under charter plates. Here, you'll find various refined items to complete the look.

If your dining space is part of an open floor plan or a nook in a smaller living area like an apartment, you may prefer a more casual feel. However, don't underestimate the power of high-quality table linens to elevate your table. A beautiful arrangement of colorful textured placemats can add lively decor to your space, giving it something extra that reflects your tastes.

Whether you're providing seating for two or have a large family gathering together regularly, we have dining textile sets for all scenarios. From rustic farmhouse chic to nautical ocean blues, funky and eclectic spaces, to mixed-medium industrial looks, there's a set of table linens for sale that will blend in perfectly with your area.

Variety of Dining Textiles at Old Time Pottery

Dining textiles are any functional or decor element that uses fabric, linen, cloth, or upholstery as their primary construction point. And there are many table linens to choose from at Old Time Pottery.

You'll find placemats with a natural woven appearance to fit those rustic interior design themes and those that feature bold, bright pops of color that call attention to anyone who enters the room. Choose from round sets or rectangular-shaped placemats to best suit your space. Blues, pinks, greens, and reds, there's no color palette we can't match. You'll even find unique items that feature farmscapes, flamingos, and flowers to personalize your dining area.

Additionally, you'll find a variety of tablecloths at Old Time Pottery. From fresh floral patterns to ocean corals, bright citrus designs to more neutral stripes and solids, there's a cloth for every table. We also have light and airy gauze tablecloths, waterproof tablecloth protectors, and felt-back table pads to provide you with everything you need right in one place.

Lastly, cloth napkins are also part of our table linen collection. They're available in four packs and feature generous oversized dimensions of 18-inches x 18-inches.

Affordability of Table Linens at Old Time Pottery

At Old Time Pottery, we're big on style but realistic regarding your budget. Many of our customers like to update their tablecloths and placemats to match the season, which shouldn't cost a fortune. Neither should decorating your first home or apartment or simply giving a nice refresh to your kitchen table.

That's why we offer high-quality products at affordable pricing. However, that doesn't mean we ever sacrifice excellence. All of our table linens and cloths will remain looking great in your home after countless repeated use, daily meals, and lots of belly laughs around the table.