Bamboo Board, Cutting Mat, and Knife 3 Piece Set

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Let your inner chef come alive with this Bamboo Board, Cutting Mat, and Knife 3 Piece Set. Bamboo is a renewable, fast-growing, and hardy material that is stronger, more sustainable, and easier on knives than hardwood cutting boards and chopping blocks. This board features a unique rectangle design with rounded corners and a ventilated compartment for the cutting board mat. The mat is designed to fit snugly into the top surface of the cutting board. Use it as a cutting surface, as a tray to transport food, or bend it into a funnel for plating chopped ingredients. This Bamboo cutting board is not  dishwasher safe, but the cutting mats are. Cleaning the bamboo cutting board is easy--simply wash with warm water and mild detergent and air dry. Wipe the board down with food-safe mineral oil regularly to keep it sanitary and supple.

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