Kitchen Textiles

Update your kitchen with affordable kitchen towels, mats, rugs, and more, all available at the most affordable prices from Old Time Pottery. Discover a fantastic selection of kitchen products and use your imagination to decorate the cooking space of your dreams. With a wide selection of kitchen mats, kitchen rugs, linens, and accessories, we have everything you need to elevate your favorite room in the house. After all, home is where the heart is, and the way to the human heart is often through food. Now you can cook in style and luxury without spending a fortune to make your kitchen look stylish.

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Your kitchen is often a central space in the home. It's where you prepare nightly family meals, prep for big holiday get-togethers, serve dishes for dinner parties, and so much more. Your kitchen is where the kids grab their afternoon snacks and where you grab a refreshing beverage at the end of a long day—the products you use in this space matter. You need kitchen towels, mats, and fashionable, functional rugs that match your taste. When you shop at Old Time Pottery, that's what you'll find.

Learn more about our wide variety of kitchen textiles and why they're essential to your home. Browse our entire kitchen and dining collection today.

What Are Kitchen Textiles & Why Do You Need Them?

Kitchen textiles are an excellent way to make your home feel warm and inviting. They're any form of linen in your kitchen that serves a practical use, but they also act as kitchen decor pieces. These items can include kitchen floor mats, dish towels, oven mitts, aprons, drying mats, and so much more.

Looking around your kitchen, you'll likely notice that you already have many of these items. However, over time things like kitchen towels and mats wear down. This is due to their heavy everyday use. These items catch the brunt of your spills, splashes, stains, dirty hands, and even the pet's muddy feet. They can become discolored, frayed, warped, and ripped. It's entirely expected and is the sign of a well-loved kitchen and a home full of life and activity.

Upgrading your kitchen textiles regularly can keep your space looking sparkling new while also providing points of functional kitchen decor. It's time to get rid of those old, stained, dingy dish rags and upgrade to soft microfiber drying cloths, cute kitchen rugs, and durable oven mitts and potholders. Buying pieces like new kitchen mats, towels, and accessories can bring an entirely new feel to your space. Not only will the area feel and look different, but everything will work better, too. Even the softest dish towels wear down over time, and there's nothing better than picking up a new plush textile next time you cook dinner.

The Variety of Materials at Old Time Pottery

At Old Time Pottery, you'll find a variety of materials in our kitchen textile collection. You'll find durable silicone oven mitts that are heat and water-resistant, double-looped terry cloth pot holders, microfiber dishcloths, and so much more. A few of our favorite items include scrubber cloths, anti-fatigue foam kitchen mats, and 100% cotton aprons.

Additionally, choose from solid colors or bold prints. Or pick cute designs to match your home's aesthetic. No matter what you select, you can't go wrong. There's something for every kitchen at Old Time Pottery.

Styles of Kitchen Textiles to Match Your Home

Old Time Pottery has a wide variety of styles to choose from when shopping for new kitchen textiles. We have plenty of neutral colors, such as white, gray, and black, that are sure to match any scheme. Or, choose from checkers or stripes and kitchen mats that feature animals, fruits, and landscape scenes.

Our wide variety of textile styles allows you to choose products that match your kitchen's current theme easily. Each piece will fit right in, whether you have a chic rustic farmhouse vibe or a contemporary and modern design scheme. Whether you're decorating the kitchen of a vacation home and want to feature a nautical theme, or are re-doing your home for Spring and want to feature vibrant colors of fruit and flowers, you'll find all your dish towel, floor mat, and kitchen decor needs here.