Indoor lighting sets the ambiance for your entire home. When looking at options for new lamps, decorative lanterns, and unique light shades, many worry that choosing new pieces can be expensive, but this doesn't have to be the case. At Old Time Pottery, we dedicate ourselves to providing customers with cheap light fixtures that are big on style and easy on your budget. We recognize that the right indoor lighting is one of the most essential home accents you'll purchase. Light fixtures are a way to showcase your personal taste, and they also serve a critical function.

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Here, you'll find a wide variety of indoor lighting to complete the look of your living room, bedroom, dining room, and more. Elevate any space in your home with the right modern, contemporary, or traditional lamps. We have virtually every color, texture, and material you can dream of, ideally suited to match the vibe of your home.

We have everything from decorative floor lamps to table lamps, lanterns, and much more. If you're searching for "lighting near me," look no further than Old Time Pottery.

Why Do You Need Indoor Lighting?

Having the proper indoor lighting does so much more than illuminate your space. The best pieces accentuate your furniture and home decor, improve the mood inside your home, and can make a room seem cozier and more inviting. In fact, it's one of the most important aspects of a living area. Without the right lighting, you can't optimize the use of every room and meet all your functional needs.

Most homes come with overhead lighting, such as recessed ceiling lights, hanging fixtures, and fans that feature bulb arrangements. However, this lighting is often bright and can be harsh on the eyes. Additionally, these lights aren't suitable for every occasion. When you're winding down for the evening, trying to set a more personal and intimate mood, or only need a softer glow, these larger installations aren't up to the job.

Instead, choosing standalone indoor lighting fixtures such as table lamps or floor lamps is an excellent solution. Cheap indoor lighting may seem challenging to find when you aren't looking to break the bank, but Old Time Pottery is here to help you find the ideal solution. Select elegant table lamps for bedside reading, low lighting in the living room for a relaxing mood, or a piece to place in the foyer to warmly welcome guests and family.

How to Use Lamps and Lanterns for Decoration

While the need for indoor lighting is certainly practical, it can also add an element of design to your space. With lamp bases that feature geometric ceramic designs, color schemes to match your existing interior design, or bold shapes and styles that are sure to stand out, lamps and lanterns can add something special to any room. They're a great way to supplement your place's current feel and mood and provide an opportunity to add a personal touch to your home.

To use lamps and lanterns as decor pieces, consider where you'll place them. Use this type of lighting on end tables, nightstands, media consoles, home office desks, floor lamps, and more. Choosing a style that blends with the rest of your home accent pieces can accentuate the seamless look of your space. It can help create a look worthy of magazine pages and home decorating television shows. Often, having the right piece of indoor lighting on a table serves as decor itself. You won't have to purchase or add any additional details when you choose lighting with style.

Lanterns can add to the rustic feel of farmhouse home decor or provide extra detail to an industrial theme, depending on the material. Choose between a distressed finish for a country-style look or a sleek metal construction for something more modern. Lanterns also offer an attractive focal point and a soothing presence, having been a symbol of peace and comfort for centuries.

Indoor Lighting Tips

Although lighting provides additional decor to your home, you still want to ensure it serves its primary purpose. You want to highlight and illuminate all the right areas for the best result. However, you can use indoor lighting in a variety of ways. Some people prefer that it be strictly functional, placing table side and floor lamps where they'll use them the most. Think of where you often sit, rest, or work, and put lighting nearby.

If you're looking to use indoor lighting as a style piece, consider using it to spotlight your favorite home accents. This may include using it to shine down on favorite mementos you display in your living room, on a table in the front hallway to showcase photos or beautiful catch-all dishes, and more. Determining how you want your new lighting to work for you is an essential step in the process.

Next, consider the level of brightness your space requires to select the correct bulbs and the hue of lighting you prefer. Are you looking for a dimly lit, warm, glowing light that promotes rest and rejuvenation, or do you want something bright and eye-catching that shines brilliantly at the flip of a switch? Once you know, you can choose the correct color and wattage for your new table lamps and floor lamps.

A Variety of Indoor Lighting at Old Time Pottery

For cheap light fixtures that never sacrifice beauty or function, shop Old Time Pottery today. You'll find lamps, shades, lanterns, and floor lamps in endless colors, styles, and materials that are sure to match any home. Whether you're looking for a smaller, 13-inch light to fit a compact end table or a more prominent 33-inch statement piece, we have precisely what you need.

When looking for "lighting near me," find the closest Old Time Pottery location and browse our aisles with help from our friendly associates.