BBQ Grill Topper Pans 2Pk

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These two-pack BBQ Grill Topper Pans are perfect for grilling vegetables, meats, and even delicate seafood. A grill topper helps prevent food from falling into the grill and avoids messy clean-ups. They allow open flame from the grill to sear your food through the tray, giving it an authentic grilled flavor. Though disposable, these stovetop grill pans are made of thick aluminum foil, sturdy and recyclable to avoid more environmental pollution problems. After several uses, please feel free to dispose of it in the recyclable rubbish bins for recycling. What's more, by using the grill liner, the life of your grates will be increased so they can always be kept in excellent condition. Compatible with most charcoal and gas grills, barbecues, and smokers.

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