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Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees have become an increasingly popular Christmas decoration. First introduced in Germany in the early 1800s, these early artificial Christmas trees weren't very sturdy and couldn't hold many ornaments. In the early 1900s, a sturdier tree was introduced by the Addis Brush Company, best known for manufacturing the first toilet brush. However, the branches on these trees bore a striking resemblance to toilet brushes, making them less attractive to many consumers.

The introduction of aluminum or "foil" trees was a game-changer, and the American public adored their futuristic vibe. Since then, artificial Christmas trees have evolved into the life-like ones we know today, especially pre-lit ones that make putting up the tree a snap.

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Benefits of Artificial Christmas Trees

Despite, or perhaps because of their growing popularity, there is a continuing debate over which is preferable: artificial or live trees. Although, in the end, it is a matter of preference, there are many significant benefits to artificial trees that continue to bolster their popularity. Here are some significant benefits of using artificial Christmas trees.

Budget-Friendly Option

These days, as live trees become more expensive, the cost-effectiveness of a pre-lit Christmas tree is more obvious. A one-time investment that used to be more costly than live trees, you can purchase an artificial tree for just over the cost of a real one and use it again year after year. Since an artificial tree can last ten years or more, this adds up to significant savings over time.

Low Maintenance

Artificial Christmas trees require very little care. They don't need watering, and the needles don't drop off, so there you won't be finding tree needles in odd areas of your home six months after Christmas. There is no sap, so you won't have to scrub sap out of your carpet, rugs, and clothing or off your hands.

More Convenient

Artificial Christmas trees come in a compact box, so they can easily fit in most cars or be delivered right to your door. They usually come with their own stand, so they are more sturdy and are less likely to lean or fall over. And to up the convenience level, choosing a pre-lit Christmas tree makes setup and clean up easier and faster. With a pre-lit tree, you can skip the most frustrating and time-consuming part of getting the lights just right (no dark spots on a pre-lit tree) and skip right to the fun part – putting ornaments and other decorations on the tree.


There are a variety of safety hazards presented by live trees, the most significant one being house fires. Live Christmas trees start over 200 house fires a year. A dried-out Christmas tree can easily catch fire, and if they do, they burn faster than newspaper. A high-quality artificial Christmas tree is made from fire-resistant materials that are much less likely to catch fire and are much easier to extinguish if they do. And you won't have to worry about your pet eating dropped needles that can cause them gastrointestinal irritation or worse.


For a lot of people, the yearly Christmas tree tradition brings on a slew of allergies. For those allergic to pine, having a live tree taking up residence in the living room makes the season less than festive. Sometimes it is mold, dust, or other allergens brought into your home with the tree. When placed in your warm living room, the mold spores multiply and raise the spore count in the air, making allergies worse the longer the tree is in the home. This is not an issue with an artificial Christmas tree.

Tons of Styles to Personalize to Your Holidays

Live trees are available in a limited range of shapes, sizes, and colors. If you love the look of a natural tree, you can find any size you like in a natural-looking artificial one. But if you want something different, you can find a wide array of colors and styles. You can get a pre-lit artificial tree with white or multicolored lights of any size. Or you can choose a tree of any color, pre-lit with clear lights or one without lights if that's your preference.

Old Time Pottery Offers a Wide Variety of Artificial Christmas Trees

At Old Time Pottery, we carry a variety of artificial trees to fit with any decorating style. Why stop at just one. There are so many affordable options that you can find a tree for every room in your house. Wide, narrow, short, or tall, we've got a tree to suit every space and taste. We've even got a classic 24" Charlie Brown tree to add a touch of whimsy to your holidays. Below is our list of the best artificial Christmas trees available at an Old Time Pottery location near you.

Pre-lit Christmas Trees

There's nothing like a pre-lit Christmas tree for convenience and style. Choose from a frosted cashmere tree pre-lit with clear lights for a simply spectacular and elegant centerpiece of your holiday celebration. If you like a thinner tree, we have pre-lit PVC pencil trees in a variety of heights that work well in narrow, smaller spaces and fuller ones that will be the centerpiece of your family's most cherished holiday memories.

Unlit Artificial Christmas Trees

If you like to do your own thing, we got you. Our wide variety of unlit artificial Christmas trees won't disappoint. From three-foot tabletop trees to a six-footer for the living room, we've got all shapes and sizes with life-like branches to string with clear or multicolored lights, garlands, and all your favorite ornaments, both old and new.

Flocked Christmas Trees

Create a winter wonderland in your living room, dining room, or entryway with a pre-lit flocked Christmas tree. These trees come in all sizes, and their easy-to-fluff branches are covered with artificial snow for a life-like look that adds an extra dose of holiday cheer to the festivities. You can choose clear or multicolored lights or even a heavily flocked tree that evokes a feeling of fresh snowfall as you sip eggnog or hot chocolate to warm your spirits.

Fiber Optic Trees

Fiber optic trees bring fun, glowy vibes to your Christmas decorations. Available in green or white, these 3' tabletop trees are great for any flat surface you want to decorate, including coffee tables, kitchen counters, entryway consoles or tables, and even the nightstand. You'll probably need more than one.

Tinsel Trees

Remember the foil trees of the 50s and 60s? This tree ushered in the first non-white, non-green artificial Christmas trees, and today's versions have taken that thought and run with it. With so many colors to choose from, including silver, gold, iridescent, turquoise, black, blue, red, purple, and lime green, these 18" trees will liven up your holidays. Sprinkle them liberally throughout your home to add a fun touch to your decorations. You can even create color-themed rooms by adding a different color tree in each space.

Artificial Trees in Many Colors

Add a little glitz and glam with a pre-lit artificial tree available in a rainbow of color. Black, pink, blue, silver, purple, turquoise, and white are all in the mix. Add contrasting colors for a bold look that will amaze and delight family and friends. Or spice up your porch decorations a pop of unusual color as a surprise for passersby.

When Should You Buy an Artificial Tree?

When shopping for an artificial Christmas tree this season and you find one that you love, the best time to buy that tree is when you see it. You don't want to risk it being gone when you go back for it. The trees at Old Time are affordably priced, so you don't have to wait to get the tree you want. No matter when you buy an artificial tree, the best place to buy one is at the Old Time Pottery store near you. You're sure to find a tree that is right for your home and your budget.