Meat Spike Tenderizer


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This handy Spike Meat Tenderizer is a quick and easy solution for all kinds of recipes. Don’t think a meat tenderizer can only be used to break down tougher cuts of meat, although that’s the primary function and will be indispensable in any kitchen. It can also be used to crush nuts for baking, smash garlic, mince fibrous ginger, crush spices and peppercorn or even break down ice for drinks. Use the spiked side to tenderize the connective tissues and fibers in tough meats and the smooth side to flatten them to make them more uniform for cutlets. Works like a charm to flatten pork loin or chicken breasts too! Aluminum construction is built to last and easy to maintain. Easy to clean with soap and water, or on the top rack of your dishwasher.

SKU: 613560