Good Cook 2 Piece Basting Brush


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The Good Cook 2 Piece Basting Brush set is the perfect tool for brushing extra flour off of rolled-out cookie dough or pastry crust, and it can be used for brushing milk or cream on the top of biscuits before baking. Thoroughly coat anything from delicate pie dough to ribs on the BBQ with the Good Cook Pastry and Basting Brushes. The soft, natural bristles hold a good amount of even the runniest liquid, and won't leave marks on your food. This two-piece brush set includes brushes in two sizes, so you can pick the right one whether you're delicately brushing egg whites on an intricate pastry crust or slathering sauce on ribs. The brushes have natural bristles that have the perfect amount of flexibility, and they have wooden handles that are comfortable to hold. When cooking is done, hand wash for the longest product life.

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