Good Cook 12in Premium Non-Stick Pizza Pan


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Make mouthwatering pizzas and calzones for lunch, dinner, or a midnight snack with this Good Cook 12in Premium Non-Stick Pizza Pan. No matter whether you make pizza from scratch, buy ready-made dough, or your favorite is frozen, this pizza pan will come in handy. It keeps floppy pizzas stable and safe and makes it simple to get them into the oven. This pizza pan boasts durable heavy-gauge steel construction along with a rolled pan rim that resists warping. And the top-quality, nonstick-coated pan releases even meltingly cheesy pizzas beautifully with quick cleanup. Not just for pizza, it's also great for focaccia, dinner rolls, or biscuits. Use it to re-crisp French fries or even warm the chips for a nacho platter. 

SKU: 280592