Good Cook Cake Pan 13X9


In-Store Pickup

The Good Cook Cake Pan 13X9 is designed with a diamond infused two-layer nonstick surface with a beautiful champagne pewter finish that gives this pan superior durablity and release. It has a textured bottom to optimize air circulation allowing for uniform baking. Ensures a perfect bake every time for your favorite recipes, such as cakes, brownies, and other desserts. The bakery-style side walls designed at a 4 to 5 degree angle create straighter edges for professional-looking baked goods and makes it easier to decorate each layer with less frosting needed. With two layers of diamond-infused, scratch-resistant nonstick coating, this cooking sheet provides excellent release while also making clean up quick and easy. Every pan has visibly large measurements stamped into them, making them easy to select and use.

SKU: 570633