Good Cook Non Stick Mini Fry Pan 4.6In


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The Good Cook Non Stick Mini Fry Pan has a compact 4.6-inch diameter, making it ideal for cooking individual eggs or single-serving omelets as well as smaller portions of vegetables, chicken, burgers, and more. It distributes heat evenly for thorough cooking and great tasting results, and the nonstick coating provides an excellent mess-free release. Ergonomically designed, the frying pan's handle stays cool to keep your hands comfortable and safe as you cook while offering a secure grip. This versatile pan can accommodate both gas and electric stovetops so you can sauté, sear, simmer, fry, and more with ease. Constructed with high-quality aluminum, it provides long-lasting durability that can withstand daily use and is dishwasher safe for a quick and easy clean up after use. 

SKU: 559636