Good Cook Non Stick Sauce Pan 2qt


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The Good Cook Non Stick Sauce Pan 2Qt has a wide range of functions from making delicate sauces to heating soups. Designed with home cooks in mind, this nonstick sauce pot features a two quart capacity that is ideal for a variety of cooking applications, from simmering soups and sauces to cooking pasta and rice. This saucepan features a 2 mm aluminum interior with nonstick coating to offer excellent release and convenient cleaning. The flame guard bakelite handle offers a comfortable and secure grip during cooking, and the clear glass lid allows you to see into the pot while still keeping food covered. Plus, the black colored silicone lacquer exterior is both durable and stylish to complement your kitchen. This versatile covered saucepan allows you to sauté, boil, simmer, bake, and more with ease. This dishwasher-safe cookware is compatible with gas, electric and ceramic glass cooktops.

SKU: 559639