11oz Schubert Double Old Fashioned Glass


In-Store Pickup

This gorgeous 11oz Schubert Double Old Fashioned Glass will make a great addition to your drink-ware collection. It is made of fine clear glass that is durable and scratch-resistant, features a unique sophisticated design and nice capacity, which makes this set a great gift for someone you love, and is also perfect for everyday home use. Traditionally, Old Fashioned Glasses (11 Oz.) held aged whiskey or scotch, but you can fill them with anything! The attractive, straight-sided design puts the focus on the color of your top-shelf liquors, and its capacity allows you to serve guests a single or double portion of their favorite drink, providing exceptional versatility. Combining sophistication with contemporary aesthetics and ingenuity, this glass is the perfect way to elevate the presentation of your finest whiskey and scotch.

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