Brandy Goblet 13.2Oz Misket


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This 13.2oz cognac glass stands out not only with its timeless classic snifter design which traps aromas inside the glass to enhance your tasting experience but also with its curvy design to keep your drink perfectly fit in your hand. Serve all of your best brown spirits, like brandy, whiskey, and bourbon, in this stylishly designed brandy snifter! Designed specifically for maximizing flavor and aroma, this glass features a wide bowl that tapers significantly toward the top. This shape concentrates the aroma of the alcohol at the top of the glass as your hands warm the beverage inside. Not only the spirits but also any dessert, ice cream, or pudding can be perfectly served with brandy snifters. Durable, stackable, and dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanup

SKU: 635067