White Wine Set of 4 Ella


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Perfectly suited but not limited to serving a white wine, these Ella Wine Glasses feature a large bowl to develop aromas. Crafted from soda-lime glass with a beaded rim, these wine glasses boast durable construction and added resistance to chipping, perfect for use at home or in commercial settings such as restaurants, pubs, and bars. These stunning wine glasses feature a subtly angled bowl and modern design that is ideal for effortlessly adding contemporary style to drink presentation. This elegant and distinctive shape is crafted using a one-piece pulled stem which is perfect for cradling the glass in both hands. Whether shopping for business or pleasure, when it comes to products that effortlessly straddle the gap between fashion and function, this set of 4 glasses is sure to fill your home with elegance. Comes in a set of 4, these glasses are dishwasher safe, for hassle free cleaning. 

SKU: 624999