Teal Channel Stitch Comforter (3 sizes)

Teal Channel Stitch Comforter

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Teal Vermicelli Stitch Quilt (3 sizes)

Teal Vermicelli Stitch Quilt

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Twin Pack Bed Pillows

Twin Pack Bed Pillows


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Twin Solid Fitted Sheet  (5 colors)

Twin Solid Fitted Sheet

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Twin Solid Flat Sheet (5 colors)

Twin Solid Flat Sheet

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Velour Bed Pillow (2 Sizes)

Velour Bed Pillow

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White Body Pillow

White Body Pillow


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White Channel Stitch Comforter (3 sizes)

White Channel Stitch Comforter

On Sale from $7.49 Regular price $19.99

1 Colors Available

White Vermicelli Stitch Quilt (3 sizes)

White Vermicelli Stitch Quilt

On Sale from $14.99 Regular price $19.99

Yellow Channel Stitch Comforter (3 sizes)

Yellow Channel Stitch Comforter

On Sale from $14.99 Regular price $19.99

1 Colors Available

Yellow Vermicelli Stitch Quilt (3 sizes)

Yellow Vermicelli Stitch Quilt

On Sale from $14.99 Regular price $19.99

You’re going to spend one-third of your life in your bed, so having high-quality bedding is essential to both your comfort and your health. But buying the best bedding products for you and your family doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Old Time Pottery has the brands and styles you need to ensure a great night’s sleep at prices within your budget. OTP is your one-stop-shop for bedding and bedroom accessories, from soft sheets to warm comforters to decorative accents. 

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Sheets for All Size Beds

Old Time Pottery keeps dozens of sheet designs and fabrics of all sizes in our inventory. Here are some things that you should look for when shopping for sheets at OTP:

Buy the Correct Size

High-quality sheets won’t shrink in the wash, so you should buy king-size sheets for a king-size mattress, queen-size of a queen-size mattress, etc. It’s also important that your fitted sheet covers the entire side of the mattress and for the elastic to tuck snuggly underneath. If you have a thick mattress, you need to buy sheet sets with fitted sheets that are designed to extend all the way over the side.

Threadcount Isn’t Everything

While thread count is a factor in a sheet’s size and strength, it isn’t the sole factor in softness and durability. Good Housekeeping recommends a thread count range of 300 to 500 and suggests that some 200 TC sheets are great to sleep on. If you prefer other materials, such as polyester or a blend, test the texture of the sheet between your fingers before making your purchase. 

Choose Colors and Patterns That Accentuate Your Bedset

At OTP, we carry a virtually unlimited number of patterns and colors for all bed sizes. You should never have to compromise between comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

Buy Enough Sheets

You should change your sheets weekly. Buy a spare set for each bed if you don’t want to wait for the washer and dryer cycles (two to three hours combined). At Old Time Pottery’s prices, you can easily afford two. 

Comforters, Quilts, and Blankets

There may not be a single accessory that gets more notice than what you put on top of your bed. Old Time Pottery has everything from matching bed sets to quilts to comforters. We have heavy comforters and quilts in different colors and designs to highlight your bed, as well as cozy blankets to add an extra layer of warmth between you and the cold. 

Pillows and Pillow Covers

From a health and comfort standpoint, your pillow may be one of the most important purchases you make. A pillow should feel great when you lay your head down, but not everyone agrees on what the best pillow type is. Old Time Pottery carries several options in myriad sizes. Here are some of the types of pillows we carry:

Memory Foam – Memory foam pillows contour to the shape of your head to remove the pressure from your face and spine. They are also easy to clean and are hypoallergenic. Memory foam remains cool, so you don’t have to wake up and flip the pillow throughout the night. 

Latex Foam – This material offers many of the qualities of memory foam but not the solid feeling that you experience when you initially rest your head on it. For many people, this is the best of both worlds. 

Down and Down Alternatives – If you grew up with down pillows, you cannot accept a substitute for this traditional pillow stuffing. But pillows with real down can be lumpy, and the barbs can poke through the material. In addition, some people are allergic to real down. We carry a polyester down alternative that mimics down without the expense and adverse qualities of feathers. 

Bedding Accessories 

The only thing more comforting than a warm and cozy bed made with high-quality linens is a bed that’s also visually inviting. Turn your bed into a decorating masterpiece with these bedding accents.

Accent Pillows – We have a huge selection of throw pillows of different designs, shapes, and sizes. Match them to your bed set, sheets, carpeting, or curtains. 

Quilts and Throws – Add color and texture to your bed with a decorative throw or a folded quilt. These are also great to pull over you on a cold night or when you want to take a nap without remaking the bed. 

High-Quality Bedding Will Improve Your Lifestyle

The following factors can disrupt your sleep, but the good news is that you can easily remove these obstacles with a few low-cost purchases at Old Time Pottery.


Having the wrong type of pillow can cause you to have a restless night’s sleep. If your head doesn’t rest comfortably on your pillow, you could wind up with a stiff neck or even long-term circulatory and neurological conditions. If you have allergies, a non-hypoallergenic pillow can lead to congestion, watery eyes, or headaches. Replacing your pillow with one that fits your head comfortably and doesn’t trigger your allergies can help you during both your sleeping and waking hours. Wash your pillowcases regularly to eliminate dust mites and other pathogens that settle on linens.

Blankets and Comforters 

Achieving the proper bed temperature is essential to a good night’s sleep. For most people, just a sheet is inadequate to keep them warm, but a comforter or quilt may hold in too much warmth. Consider purchasing a medium-weight blanket as an intermediate solution. And if you’re cold at night, by all means, cover up!

Sheet Maintenance

Threadbare or faded sheets may look unappealing, but the real danger from sheets comes from not washing them enough. The Sleep Institute recommends washing your sheets once per week to ensure they are free from dust mites and bacteria. This will wear your sheets out faster than if you were to space out washings. If your linens become threadbare, OTP has affordable bedding for sale to replace your linens. 

The OTP Difference

At Old Time Pottery, we don’t believe that you should have to compromise your comfort and health for price. We know that some of our competitors offer similar quality bedding at a price that’s several times higher than ours, but why should anyone have to pay a premium for gorgeous, durable, and comfortable bedding. OTP’s selects its inventory based on the following criteria:

  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Price

Our affordable bedding products are custom-designed for different mattress sizes and thicknesses. They are constructed of high-quality, durable materials that feel great to sleep in. And finally, we buy them at a low price that we are able to pass on to our customers. 

Come shop bedding essentials at Old Time Pottery or order online and take advantage of our safe, contactless curbside pickup.