Home Textiles

Janet Chair Pads Rocker Sets (3 Colors)

Janet Chair Pads Rocker Sets


3 Colors Available

Anchorage Blackout Panel Pair (11 Colors)

Anchorage Blackout Panel Pair

On Sale from $12.49 Regular price $24.99

11 Colors Available

Amelia Café Curtain Rod (2 Sizes)

Amelia Café Curtain Rod

From $4.99

1 Colors Available

Ashby Café Curtain Rod (2 Sizes)

Ashby Café Curtain Rod

From $4.99

1 Colors Available

Plaid Pumpkin 18x18 Pillow

Plaid Pumpkin 18x18 Pillow


1 Colors Available

Wanda Box Voile Panel Pair (10 Colors & 2 Sizes)

Wanda Box Voile Panel Pair

On Sale from $7.99 Regular price $17.99

10 Colors Available

Ivana Curtain Panel Pairs (4 Colors)

Ivana Curtain Panel Pairs

Clearance $19.99 Regular price $24.99

4 Colors Available

18x18 Metallic Lines Accent Pillow (2 Colors)

18x18 Metallic Lines Accent Pillow

Clearance $7.49 Regular price $14.99

2 Colors Available

Ribbed Cotton Textured 14x20 Accent Pillow (5 Colors)

Ribbed Cotton Textured 14x20 Accent Pillow

Clearance $7.49 Regular price $14.99

5 Colors Available

Velvet Whipstitch 18x18 Accent Pillow (5 Colors)

Velvet Whipstitch 18x18 Accent Pillow

Clearance $8.99 Regular price $17.99

2 Colors Available

Dothan Curtain Panel

Dothan Curtain Panel


1 Colors Available

Harper Curtain Panel Pairs (2 Colors)

Harper Curtain Panel Pairs


2 Colors Available

The right home textiles provide aesthetic characteristics to our interiors and make our homes more comfortable. They include everything from area rugs to curtain panels, decorative pillows to blankets, and even the towels hanging in your kitchen and bathroom. Adding texture to your home through fabrics helps create a pleasing, inviting, cozy visual and provides you with comfortable pieces that look stylish and keep you feeling great.

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Table linens, bed sheets, shower curtains, and any other cloth or fabric used in your home all fall under the home textile umbrella. It can seem that the variety is endless. Yet these are pieces you often can't live without. Many serve a primarily decorative purpose, while others are practical items you need to complete everyday tasks. No matter what your home textile needs, Old Time Pottery has a wide selection at affordable pricing.

What Are Home Textiles Used For?

Home textiles fall under the category of home furnishing and decor. They're used to elevate the spaces you love and are a large part of what makes your house a home. Textiles provide pattern, texture, and soft accents that reflect the vibe of your space. They set the tone for your living area and can help tie all other elements of your furnishing and decor together. The right home textiles can serve as the finishing touches to the look you're creating, making for a cohesive and polished appearance.

At Old Time Pottery, you'll find home textiles, including:

  • Holiday-themed and decorative pillows
  • Curtain panels
  • Chair pads and cushions
  • Throw blankets
  • And materials for the kitchen, bed, bath, and dining room

You'll also find area and accent rugs, door mats, canvas storage bins, ribbon, quilts, plush throw blankets, upholstered chairs, and much more. These items create a blend of home textiles that will style your space precisely as you wish.

Seasonal Home Textiles

One of the best things about Old Time Pottery is that we stock seasonal items and round-the-year staples. Not only will you find timeless items that never go out of style, but we also have unique decorative accents that feature elements of the upcoming holidays and seasons. Are you looking for Fall-themed decorative pillows to add a fun touch to your living room? You'll find them right here. Or bright faux-floral arrangements to bring in a little bit of Spring? We have that too.

Using seasonal home textiles is an excellent way to boost the atmosphere in your home, get everyone excited for what's to come, and showcase your own enthusiastic spirit.

Tips for Decorating with Home Textiles

Knowing how to incorporate home textiles into your space correctly is crucial, especially if you want to complete an existing design theme. These items add texture and life to your home. They add softness where softness is needed and a bit of sparkle where a bit of sparkle is needed. Here are a few tips when buying new home textiles and decor.

Organize Items In Themed Groups

When selecting home decor, more isn't always best. Instead, focus on choosing small groups of complementary items to place in one spot. This gives the eye a place to rest and move on without being overwhelmed. It helps visually distinguish between groupings and keeps the look fluid yet not cluttered. For example, use a set of matching decorative pillows and one throw blanket in the corner of the couch to add texture that appears effortless.

Add Brightness and Pops of Color

Choosing home accents that stand out and add a sense of lightness to the room can be a great option. Sheer curtain panels, for example, add an air of elegance to your space while allowing natural light to shine in and brighten up the mood. Or select items that bring in the bold colors of nature, such as burgundy branches or forest greens. However, if the area already features many bold colors and busy patterns, it may be best to stick to neutral window coverings.

Choose Unique and Personal Items

Don't be afraid to go for home textiles that are a little outside the box. You can choose beautiful pink or salmon curtain panels, decorative pillows with furry animal prints, or tufted throw blankets with tufted shag diamond motifs. Remember, home textiles are all about bringing in various textures to create a look that's genuinely you.

Styles, Fabrics, and Textures

Old Time Pottery has various styles, fabrics, and textures in our home textile collection. Choose from neutral pieces to those that stand out in neutral or bold shades. We feature high-quality fabrics such as 100% cotton pieces, luxurious satin, shimmery sequins, faux fur, and more.

Whether you're looking to stick with a classic look or want to showcase something more glam, we have all the pieces you need without high mark-up prices.