She’ll always be your baby girl, but eventually, she will need a space that fits her growing needs. A room that will take her from toddler to little girl to teen (yikes!). Redecorating her special space can seem like a costly undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. You may think that redecorating your girl’s bedroom is out of reach, but using items you already have, some creativity, affordable room décor, you can pull off a bedroom makeover that’s functional and stylish.

Assess What You Already Have

The first step to any makeover is taking a look at what you already have that can be repurposed. This means inventorying existing elements such as bedroom wall décor, flooring, and furnishings to see what can be reused. Think about the color scheme you want and what will fit into it or what you can repurpose in the new design.

Gather up any leftover home improvement and crafting supplies, basic tools, paintbrushes, and anything leftover from DIY projects that may be useful. Then take a look around your house for items you can move into a little girl’s room. You may find that you have chairs and small tables you can use in the new space. With a bit of paint and some refurbishing, they can become a part of a sitting area or homework space in the new room.

Reconfigure the Floorplan

Reconfiguring the floorplan is a quick and easy way to freshen up a look. Tuck the bed into a corner of the room or make it the centerpiece of the room. Create zones within the bedroom. A table or desk for schoolwork, art projects, or puzzles will serve as a workspace, a bookshelf can anchor a reading nook, and an open area will be perfect space for playing. As you reconfigure the furniture, take note of how the window locations, light fixtures and outlets, and heating units influence the floor plan.

Reuse and Repurpose

Once you’ve gathered up items you can repurpose and reconfigure the floorplan, it’s time to reuse and repurpose them. Freshen up an old dresser with leftover paint from a home improvement project. Old suitcases, trunks, stools, and ottomans make great portable storage and seating. Use cute ribbon tiebacks to shears or curtains to liven up the windows.

Let Your Creativity Fly Free

Complete your budget-friendly little girl’s room with crafty accessories and affordable room décor. Paint big, bright flowers, butterflies, or other fun motifs on one wall. Grab some cute storage baskets to keep hair bows, clips, and other accessories organized. Replace old metal dresser pulls with funky glass ones in different colors. Carry the theme throughout the space by spray-painting lamp bases and trimming the shades with ribbons.

Different Styles of to Show Off Personality

Personalize the space to show off her personality. This makes the bedroom feel like her own special place to relax, study, and chill with her friends. Below are a few ways you can personalize her space.

  • For the girl who loves glitter: Create a shimmering glitter wall and anchor it with the bed. Add matching throw pillows.
  • For the girl who loves to read: A simple tent with comfy cushions makes a cozy reading nook.
  • For a girl who loves mermaids: Paint the walls a pretty aqua, add mermaid wall art, beachy pillows, and silver lamps with pretty shades.
  • For the girl who loves bright colors: vibrant hot pink and bold orange gives the room a fun, fresh feel. Paint the walls a clean white to make the colors pop.
  • For the girl who loves polka dots: Gold-polka dots add just the right amount of sparkle to a sweet girl’s room.
  • For the girl who loves sports: add a poster of her favorite athlete and their quotes on the wall, display trophies, and awards.

Shopping List for Girl’s Room Décor and Accessories

There are some things every bedroom needs, including a little girl’s. Even with all the basics in place – bed, dresser, bedside table – it might seem like something is missing. This is where girl’s room décor and accessories come in. Accessories turn a functional room into a cozy bedroom she’ll love.

Throw blanket – a throw blanket folded across the foot of the bed adds a bit of color contrast to the space. It’s handy for chilly nights, can be thrown around the shoulders when watching TV in bed, and keep her comfy when curled up reading a book or doing homework.

Toss Pillows – fun, fluffy pillows add pops of color, texture, and pattern to a girl’s bedroom décor. They bring instant style and comfort. It’s easy to go overboard with throw pillows, so remember to use three at the most and choose patterns and colors that contrast with the bedding.

Shams – a pair of shams nestled at the top of the bed adds a flair to a little girl’s bedroom. Shams can match the comforter or be used for contrast.

Lighting – add several sources of illumination: a fun bedside light, a floor lamp, and ceiling lighting. Not every light fixture needs to be unique, but at least one should add whimsy and flair to the bedroom. If you don’t want to get a new lamp, freshen the look with a new shade.

Wall décor – bedroom wall décor adds a little panache to the space. Make a splash with large, framed wall art over the bed to create a strong accent piece. Wall decals, framed maps, enlarged photos, or even a mural if you're feeling artsy and creative will do the trick. Just make sure the wall art is at least half the width of the bed, so it balances the bedroom’s design.

Area Rug – you can still add an area rug, even if the room is carpeted. Scatter rugs are great for layering, and big, bold prints on and area rug can make a statement. Rugs add layer texture, color, and pattern to the bedroom. When using a large rug, at least two-thirds of the bed should be on top of the rug, and a minimum of 18 inches on each side.

Plants – all bedrooms need a plant or two, especially a girl’s bedroom. They purify the air and bring in a touch of nature and living color to the space. Green is a calming color and can give the bedroom a serene feel. If you don’t have a green thumb, add some greenery in a pretty planter.

Personalize It – The bedroom is a personal space, so let your girl’s personality and taste guide the décor. Add meaningful, personal décor, such as bright florals, princesses, sports, whatever she is into. These themes can easily be switched out as your young girl head towards her teen years, and her tastes may change.

Future Proof Your Little Girl’s Bedroom

Styles change and your little girl will evolve into a teenager, so keep this in mind as you plan her room. She may love pink now, but will she always? You can future proof her room by painting the walls a neutral color and adding a white bedroom set. These colors go with anything, so all you will have to do is switch out the accessories, bed linens, and hang new curtains. Choose affordable room décor to stay in budget, especially ones she may outgrow, style-wise, so that if you need to redecorate down the road, you only need to replace a few things at a minimal cost.

There’s nothing better, or important, for girls than having a cozy bedroom they love. This offers them a comfortable and comforting space that makes them feel safe and sheltered from the world. While what makes a bedroom cozy can be subjective, the importance of having a cozy sleeping space and its effect on the quality of life can’t be overstated. Girls need a place to relax and decompress after school, to do their homework, and merely relax and read.

Real Life Bedroom Makeover

RebeccaAnneHome shows us how to take a messy, cluttered girl's room into a beautiful hide-a-way!

Last month I decided to do a bedroom makeover for my daughter. Her room had ugly blue carpet, bright yellow and pink walls, clutter, and toys as far as the eye could see!!

bedroom makeover, toys, messy, clean Finding 2 shoes that matched or certain toys was like finding a needle in a haystack. The clutter was driving me insane!! girl room, makeover, home decor She also had huge bunk beds in her room that took up so much floor space!! So we started with getting rid of those. Bye bye blue carpet and multicolored walls!! Next came the fun part!! Decor! So of course I headed to my favorite store Old Time Pottery! I had so much fun creating this space!! bedroom update, lamp, furniture, wall art This cozy rug is just perfect to soften up the room! And can we talk about this precious nightstand and lamp! I absolutely love the shape of this nightstand and she insisted on having a bedside lamp like a big girl. This wall art went perfect with the white/gold theme she chose!! And what a beautiful message for a little girl. I am so happy with how this room turned out!! Everything is organized and has a home. It is such a cozy, peaceful space. She spends so much time in her room now and keeps it so clean!
In my opinion everyone should have a cozy bedroom oasis to escape to when the world gets hard!!
Storage bins, wall art, rug, nightstand and lamp are all from Old Time Pottery.
Thank you for being here!!
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