There are a few tips and tricks for affordable home decorating that can help you refresh your living space whenever you wish. Whether you want to bring in seasonal and holiday decor or give your interior design a little facelift, decorating your house doesn't have to be expensive.

Interesting, eclectic, and charming pieces are all available at a great price that won't hurt your bank account. You can make your house look like a scene straight out of a design magazine or home improvement show in no time.

You can add pop colors around your space, timeless pieces, or items that bring a festive feel to your area. Add elements of comfort, function, and stunning decor with just a few simple details here and there.

Old Time Pottery makes affordable home decorating easy. With a wide selection of accents that match any taste, theme, and style, you can walk out with new decor you love. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of decorating on a budget, how to plan your decor to stay within your spending goal, how to get the best prices and more.

The Benefits of Decorating On a Budget

There are several huge benefits to decorating your home without cutting into your budget. You can still go all out with the theme you're looking for without worrying about your checking account the next day.

Save Money for Necessities and Luxuries

One of the most significant benefits of decorating your home on a budget is that it leaves you with extra money to put toward other things you need and love. You can bring beautiful, personal touches to your home without the stress of paying for kids' sports teams, unexpected vet bills, or save the money for fun experiences like your next family vacation.

Walking into another home that looks pristine and carefully decorated may leave you feeling like the look and feel of luxury isn't possible. But it is! When you shop the right places and find the best deals, you'll instantly elevate the vibe of your home.

Get More for Less

Another benefit of decorating on a budget is that it allows you to buy more for less. You don't have to choose between decorating for the Winter season only. You can also bring Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year holiday pieces. It's easy to swap out decor throughout the season or add small additional decorative home accents as a special day approaches.

Buy Timeless Pieces

While decorating for the holidays and seasons is always fun, adding decor elements that can stay throughout your home for the entire year is key. When you buy timeless pieces that match your existing style, you can "set it and forget it."

This lets you keep mainstays like tabletop accents, wall hangings, rugs, clocks, candles, faux greenery, and more all year round. Keep the sophisticated feeling you're craving, make your house feel more like a home, and showcase your style with items designed to withstand time.

Now, you have a core collection of affordable home decorating to which you can add smaller touches throughout the year–costing you less without sacrificing style.

Planning Your Budget for Affordable Home Decorating

Planning your budget when buying home accents is essential if you're looking to spend your money smart. If you can't settle on a reasonable amount, some expert tips will help you find the right fit.

Generally, you can expect to spend 7% to 10% of your home's total value on interior decor. This includes the decor you already have, like framed photos, the art on your walls, and anything else already in place. The grand total also includes outside items, like patio furniture, lighting, seasonal gardens, wreaths, and more.

You can narrow down your budget once you consider how much you've already spent on what's in your home. Large items like patio furniture and large wall art are often high-ticket items. When you look at the numbers, you'll likely find that decorating your home with smaller accent pieces is much more affordable than you thought.

Another way to plan a budget is to set a number in your mind. This can be the max you're willing to spend or what you can afford at the time based on your income and extra spending money. Many people find this easiest. Next, you need to set your decor priorities.

Setting Priorities for Home Decor

Affordable home decorating is based entirely on your priorities for the project. Some things will be much higher on your list of wants, while others will be nice to haves. A great way to do this is to focus on key areas in the home you want to showcase by adding special touches.

Choose the Right Rooms

Many people choose to focus on the living room, bedroom, or patio. These are often the places we spend the most time in and the areas that guests are most likely to see. Guest bathrooms are also a popular choice for small decor.

Places like the master bath, kids' rooms, and home offices are typically a lower priority that may need no decor or just one or two small items. If you have a space where you host gatherings, like a formal dining room, this space may rise more toward the top of your list.

Decide on Key Items

After you decide which room(s) you want to focus on, make a list of what items you really want to have. You may be looking for a dining table centerpiece. Or, you're looking for a matching hand towel set for the guest bath.

Consider bringing in lots of natural elements like faux plants to liven up your space, or find the right hanging wall decor for the living room. Focus on these items first before choosing other accents to build upon with the remainder of your budget.

Finding Seasonal Sales and Clearance Items

Finding the best deals is one of the greatest ways to achieve affordable home decorating. Many retailers, including Old Time Pottery, begin marking down seasonal items as the time approaches. Here's your chance to add the final touches to your existing decor or to purchase things you love for next year at the best price.

Also, always check out the clearance section. Often, you can find this specific category listed online, and in stores, there's usually a dedicated aisle or two for these items. You can find great steals that are still on-trend, helping to make the most of your budget. You'll often find timeless items in this category, too. Candles, trinkets, photo frames, and more are all common mark-down pieces.

Decorating Tips

Now that you know what to expect and how to plan your affordable home decorating project, it's time to get some expert tips. A good rule is that 10% of the home should focus on decor. Again, this includes the pieces you already have. Once you give your living space a look-over, you'll likely need minimal items to bring your vision to life.

Look for home accents that match your home's current style, whether it be a modern farmhouse, minimalist, industrial, or contemporary look. Stick with existing textures and patterns, and choose complementary colors to avoid clashing.

Most importantly, avoid the urge to over-decorate. When every surface, shelf, and corner of your home is filled with various accents, it can cause your space to look overwhelming, cramped, and loosely thrown together. It may look haphazard and clunky. The key is to augment your existing style to match your taste gently.

Let your imagination take over once you have your shopping plan and bring new life into your home today. Shop Old Time Pottery for affordable home decor today.

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