Everyone has their own way to get into the holiday spirit, whether listening to Christmas carols, watching a Christmas movie, or curling up with a cup of spiced hot chocolate. But for many, decorating the Christmas tree signals the beginning of the season of joy.

Whether you prefer over-the-top luxury or a more rustic farmhouse look and feel, creating a statement tree is essential to sparking holiday cheer and keeping the spirit all season long.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas and Inspiration

Although your outdoor Christmas decorations give family, friends, and visitors a taste of what's in store when they enter your home, there's no doubt that your Christmas tree is the star of the show. It's time to flex your creativity muscles and bring on the Christmas cheer.

The tree is a blank canvas waiting for you to wrap it in the splendor of the season, whether you prefer traditional red and green decorations or more unexpected colors such as pastels. If you are ready to amp up the holiday vibe in your home, check out our Christmas tree decorations ideas for the perfect mix of lights, ornaments, garlands, and tree toppers to celebrate the season.

Classic Red and White Christmas Trees

Neutral colors are perennially popular when it comes to interiors, but there will always be those who must have red during the holidays. This fun and festive color combination deliver holiday cheer that goes well with any décor.

Start with a heavy flocked pre-lit tree with clear lights for a traditional foundation for your color scheme. Add some red and white ornaments, adorn the tree with red and white gingham or plaid, and nestle greens with red berries into the tree. Add some candy canes and red and white lollipops for a whimsical touch. A crystal snowflake tree topper finishes the look.

Carry the look throughout your home with red and white holiday accent pillows, hang red and white stockings on the mantel, and settle in with a Santa mug filled with hot chocolate.

Pretty in Pastels

A pastel tree takes its inspiration from sweet treats such as marshmallows, cupcakes, macaroons, and gingerbread men dressed in all their finery. Pink, rose gold ornaments, blue/silver ornaments play well together on a white tree with clear lights. Add pink-and-white ribbon garlands and bows, silver glitter pinecones, and a silver star stopper. If you have any sweet vintage ornaments, they go well with this look. The result is a show-stopper of a tree that looks almost good enough to eat.

Wrap presents in pastel blues, pinks, and greens with vibrant pops of red and emerald green and set the table with a textured snowflake tablecloth and white China. Light a scented milk & cookie candle and breathe in the aroma of fresh-baked cookies.

Night Blue Tree

With Classic Blue chosen as the Pantone Color of the Year 2020, it's clear that blue is having a moment. This trend shows no sign of slowing down and is beautiful when incorporated into Christmas tree décor. Elegant in its simplicity, blue is considered a new neutral and can be paired with many other colors such as gold, platinum, silver, white, red, and green.

Adorn a pencil tree pre-lit with multi-colored lights with night blue shatterproof ornaments in a variety of matte, glitter, and shiny finishes to create interest and texture. Mix in ornaments of red, green, and gold. Add navy and green plaid bows and gold glitter pinecone ornaments.

If you prefer, simplify the color palette by hanging blue and white ornaments on a pre-lit tree with clear lights. Don't skimp on pretty silver bows and garlands. Spice the air with tonka bean, woods, musk, and a sparkle of ginger by lighting a sugar and spice jar candle while you enjoy cookies and eggnog and admire your work.

Metallic Christmas Trees

Whether a 4' silver tree with clear lights or a metallic tree of another color or size, mixed metals and soft, muted metallics make for an eye-popping design. Combinations of gold ornaments and blush pink ornaments create an elegant palette for a neutral modern home.

Bring in a touch of a winter wonderland with natural elements with natural jute/burlap mesh perfect garlands and bows. Look for unusual ribbon patterns and floral pairings. Mirror this style in the presents under the tree, creating a harmonious and welcoming space for the holidays.

Sentimental Photos Ornaments

Memorialize your family friends by making ornaments out of photographs. Begin with a 7' Pencil Tree with Gold Glitter and Clear Lights. Print the photographs you want to use as four-by-six prints. Trace an ornament blank to position the photo. Carefully cut out the photo. Paint a thin layer of craft glue on the ornament and place the photo on top of it and smooth it down. Let the glue dry for approximately 10 minutes. Paint a thin layer on top of the image to seal it.

Add any other decorations you wish to the image. This can be a bow with about ¼ inch ribbon or any other decorations you want to use. Hang on to your tree for a personal touch. These are also great for gifts.

What Makes This Christmas Special

It's been a tough almost two years, with Christmas 2020 seeing many people having to stay home and avoid seeing family and friends. Christmas 2021 looks to be a special celebration, with this year marking a move towards some type of normal.

It's not just buying gifts that make Christmas so unique. Getting ready for Christmas – sending holiday cards, putting lights on the house, and decorating the tree are activities that make us feel optimistic and connected to loved ones near and far. We know that social groups – family, friends, coworkers, and communities are important for our health, wellbeing, and sense of self. Getting together during the holidays will help us reconnect to these sources of strength.

Social groups also help satisfy our need for continuity and other psychological needs. Getting together to celebrate the holidays makes us feel a part of something familiar and predictable throughout time and history.

We are comforted by continued stories about our families, communities, and nations when we share and pass on group culture through shared stories, rituals, treasured belongings, and traditions. For many, holidays such as Christmas are the heart of shared group traditions. Even in secular communities, holidays such as Christmas are important as they give people a chance to reflect on the past as well as the year ahead.

This year as we move into a more normal yet still unusual festive season, it is encouraging to know that being together will help boost our wellbeing and help us connect with our loved ones and community. While we try to maintain the traditions and celebrations that tie us together, we need to think about what we value as we share our traditional festivities and benefit from their psychological rewards.

So enjoy local Christmas lights and outdoor decorations, trimming the tree, and putting out presents with the knowledge of how precious these things are, not because of their material value but their psychological benefits to your overall wellbeing.

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