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Hostess Jo is on the blog this week to show her tips and tricks for an organized linen closet.

Happy New Year!

I don't know about you, but the new year always feels like a great time to clean out and organize. Two things I hate doing! I am not good at keeping closets and cabinets neat, I admit. I guess if its out of sight, its out of my mind. The thing is, is it really out of mind? Every time you open the door there is the mess staring back at you. And when you're not looking at it, its haunting you. I've been reading a lot about the impact clutter can make on your well being. Let me tell you, it's not good!

So for 2020 my word is "simplify" or "simplicity". This can apply to all aspects of life not just your home. Home is where I'm starting though.

Without further ado,

I now present to you, my "Monica Closet"...

closet makeover

Pretty terrible, right??

When Old Time Pottery reached out to work together on a storage blog, I was thrilled. They have baskets of every shape, size and color to fit your needs.

First I had to get all of this mess cleaned out.

storage ideas for a closet cleanup

I mean, anyone need a blanket?!

I found baby washcloths in there and my youngest is 6!

I donated most everything in this closet. If we didn't use it, its gone. Then I measured my shelves and closet space.

storage ideas

Now onto the fun shopping trip at Old Time Pottery! I new I wanted baskets to keep everything contained and neat looking. They have so many to choose from!

woven basket storage

I took my trusty tape measure with me to the store to make sure my choices would fit on the shelves.

They had several baskets in just the size I was looking for.

linen closet storage makeover, woven basket

After I made sure they would fit I began sorting and folding.

organized closet ideas, cleanup

Now everything has a home! I just love the color and texture of these baskets. The hamper is super big and I love the square shape.

clean linen closet

So simple and clean now! I divided my linens into tablecloths, towels, sheets, blankets and the large hamper is for our camper linens. I named it "Camper Hamper"!

woven basket storage

clothes hamper, linen closet

Its great to have everything in its own space and nothing at the bottom of the closet!

storage for linen closet

I folded our extra quilts and placed them on the top shelf.

linen closet makeover

closet storage cleanup

I knew I needed labels for these baskets or I would never remember what went where. I found these cute black chalkboard tags and white chalk marker. I love how they stand out against the baskets.

organizing closets

I tied them with twine and that's it!

woven baskets for storage

stunning closet storage

This round basket is also from Old Time Pottery from a previous shopping trip! They are so reasonably priced too.

this clean closet storage is outstanding

I hope this closet makeover has inspired you to tackle some clutter. Thank you so much to Old Time Pottery for providing all of my storage needs! Be sure to check them out!

Now on to the other closets haunting me!




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