We were so excited to team up with lifestyle bloggers, Savannah and Casey, with "Hey Wanderer." They styled beautiful Old Time Pottery floral into a DIY garland and decorated their porch for the fall season! Read it all in their own words below to see how they styled the ensemble it on a budget, with Old Time Pottery decor. Fall garland archway DIY "IT'S REALLY FALL, Y'ALL! Here in Nashville, in one day the temperature went down 28 degrees. It went from blazing hot- wearing tank tops + shorts- to delightful fall temps- wearing jeans + flannels. Praise! I'm here for that. I am here for it, ok? When we decorated our front porch it was still blazing hot. No joke it was still 90 degrees, so this all felt like a lie for a second. Pumpkins in 90 degrees ain't right. We knew the weather would change and we'd be feeling fall-y soon. Today we are sharing with you how we decorated our front stoop and how we made this beautiful fall garland. We were really excited to work with Old Time Pottery on this project because we love that store. There is one that's pretty close to our house and the store always has really great finds! For New Years Eve one year we bought 24 champagne glasses there for $24 which was cheaper than buying the disposal plastic ones. small fall garland They have every kind of home thing you can think of. For this project we bought 3 pieces of the same fall garland which is great on it's own, but we wanted to take it the next level and fill it out even more. We also got a variety of silk flowers and a wreath that we are in love with! Your first step is going to be to attach all 3 of the garlands together. You will wrap floral wire around the ends until you feel like it is secure. wire wrapped around floral garland Next, wrap floral tape around the wire so that blends in better. floral tape wrapped around wire Now trim the stems on your silk flowers. Make sure to leave enough room to wrap the steps around the base of the garland. floral décor for the fall Next you will want to figure out where you're going to place your flowers. The easiest way to do this is to plan out where your largest flowers are going. Measure your garland and find out where the middle is. This will be your starting point and where you will place your first flower. Then based on the length of your garland you will figure out how much distance should be between each of the large flowers. Once you have those laid out, then you can more easily figure out where to place your smaller flowers. fall flowers attached to garlands Lastly, attach all of the flowers in their places using floral wire. You can also add floral tape around the wire but we found this was unnecessary because the wire was pretty hidden. wrapping wiring around floral garlands You will likely have mess around with the flowers and bend the stems a little to make sure that you are having the flowers face forward. This take a little maneuvering. a beautiful garland ready to hang on your fall doorstep Now go hang your beautiful garland somewhere that you can enjoy it all season! The wreath, silk flowers, and the garland were all provided by Old Time Pottery. They have so much fall + Halloween decor, so you should definitely go check one out. Click here to find where one is near you. We hope you have enjoyed this DIY and are inspired to make your front door a little more jazzy for fall. Thanks for reading and if you like this idea we would love for you to share it! You guys are awesome!!!" Thanks for partnering with us, Hey Wanderer! Read their post and check out the blog here. Show us how you styled your OTP garland with the hashtag, #OTPStyle!
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