Neutral wall art is one of the biggest emerging trends in the interior design world, and it's easy to incorporate into your home just as it is. Bring refreshing touches to any space without worrying about perfectly matching colors, designs, or materials. This year has been all about minimalist patterns, earth tones, and calming pieces when decorating the home. Neutral wall art is a great way to embrace the trend and capture the essence of timelessness.

Whether it's abstract art, landscape paintings, or small accent hangings, you can make the look yours in various textures, like canvas, metalwork, wood, and more. Tie your room with complementary accents, and you'll see that even "neutral" can make your space even more inviting.

What Is Neutral Wall Art and Décor?

Neutral wall art has a few primary characteristics. These include a lack of bright colors, an air of elegance, and soft tones that allow your eyes to see each focal point in the room easily. They're quiet pieces that don't scream, "Look at me!" but serve as a soothing backdrop to any space.

You can take it a step further by using neutral decor pieces, too. Think about tabletops, shelving, console tables, coffee table, and more. Placing neutral design pieces throughout the area makes the space look tranquil and carefully curated without disrupting your existing scheme.

Popular color palettes for neutral wall art include black, white, navy, and brown. However, since it's simply anything without bright hues, you can choose any palette you like if it's subdued. You can best achieve this by sticking with a primary color that's been washed down into a delicate pastel, such as light lavender or champagne yellow. With greens and blues, baby blue or light cyan, celadon, or light sage. No matter your color preference, there's a way to make it neutral in a way that works for you.

Using more neutral decor lets you change your style without re-doing an entire room. Your furniture, rugs, and favorite keepsakes can stay. It's an effective and inexpensive way to give a facelift to any area in the home.

Popularity and Benefits of Neutral Wall Art

There are many benefits to using neutral wall art as your primary decoration source. The neutrality fits right in whether your home features a minimalist style or is a little busier. One of the most loved aspects of neutral decor is that it allows you to bring in bright pops of color in other areas without the worry of overly contrasting a space.

Another reason that interior design experts love the trend is that it doesn't limit the complete style of your space. You can build with pieces for styles that range from classic to contemporary since it's all about the color.

Additionally, people praise the neutral wall art and decor trend as it promotes a feeling of calm and relaxation. Instead of busy colors everywhere, which can feel overwhelming, it brings a soothing and grounding look to the area.

Neutral art and decor can also help your rooms to look larger and brighter than they are. Just as mirrors do as they reflect light beams, the soft tones in neutral pieces add to the airiness of a room. If this is what you're going for, it's best to stick to palettes that feature lots of cream and off-white, which also help light bounce throughout the space.

Types of Neutral Wall Art

When choosing your pieces, don't feel limited to photos or landscapes. Just like above, mirrors are a great option as they lack color altogether and help open up a room. However, there are even more choices to consider.

Many pieces are crafted entirely from wood, which can be a fantastic choice if you're sticking with the beige and brown color palette. Exquisite geometric pieces, world maps, and hanging wall shelves all meet the criteria.

You can also go with nature-centered pieces in toned-down hues, like this Embellished Canvas with White and Gold Flowers. If you like the framed look, you can find virtually any neutral wall hanging, ranging from animals (try this Copper Mosaic Framed Butterfly piece) to a simple, soothing design (like this Canvas Coastal Neutral Seashell piece).

Metal wall hangings are another way to showcase a neutral decor theme without sacrificing your style choice. These pieces may include items like clocks or simple designs. Check out this Metal Starburst Style Clock for something that's stylish and functional.

How to Style Neutral Wall Art In Your Home

Neutral wall art is easy to bring into any room, but there are still a few key rules to follow. Proportions are always important, no matter what color palette you're using. It's best to add pieces that don't take over the entire room but serve as smaller accents.

Additionally, consider your existing color scheme and play off that. If the predominant colors in the rest of the area are a deep brown, look for pieces that are more beige or tan in color. If your walls are a bright white with lots of neutral gray furniture, you can play with a little more color, like the light sage and lavenders mentioned above.

Popular placements for wall art of any kind include over the sofa or sectional in a living room, over the headboard in the bedroom, or on the bathroom walls you see as soon as you enter. You can also add them to the foyer over a console table or in that blank space next to your desk in your home office. Neutral wall art fits almost anywhere.

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