The farmhouse style is the way to go for those who love a rustic and charming interior design theme. It incorporates plenty of timeless pieces with a modern feel that's practical, simple, and inviting. You instantly feel at ease when you step inside a home with many farmhouse accents and furniture. The house looks and feels lived in, making it more welcoming, but it still looks sophisticated and well thought out.

Many people love to bring in large items to showcase this design style: distressed kitchen tables, earthy tones, wood and natural textures, and a soft color palette. You'll find woven rugs, greenery, and sometimes sliding barns doors as entrances to the beds and baths.

You'll also find home accents, such as light fixtures that feature classic Edison bulbs, vintage-looking storage containers in the kitchen, and cozy throw pillows and throws. However, one more important element to consider is farmhouse wall decor.

We're here to give you great ideas for farmhouse wall decor you can incorporate to add the perfect finishing touch to your space while staying on-trend and style. Keep reading to learn the do's and don'ts of farmhouse wall decor, and get your favorite pieces today.

Farmhouse Style: An Overview

Farmhouse style's interior design trend dates back to the mid-1800s, specifically in America's mid-west. It was carried over from countries like Germany and Scandinavia, which began using the theme in the 1700s. At that point, as the U.S.A.'s heartland, the style arose as a necessity. With so many fields and animals to tend to, it began as a practical way to make the home function with the natural elements available at the time. Since then, the trend has continued to evolve and transform.

It grew in popularity through the turn of the 20th century, carrying the theme to more expansive and luxurious Victorian homes throughout the country. The style has remained popular since there's always been a large agricultural presence in the U.S. Now, it's spread to homes in cities and suburbs, making its way out of rural areas.

In the early-to-mid 2000s, major television networks and style experts promoted the style more. Farmhouse style became consumer friendly and a way to express yourself, rather than strictly stick to the necessity we saw in decades past.

Key Characteristics of Farmhouse Décor

While former inclusions of farmhouse style, such as massive butcher blocks, have faded away, key characteristics persist. They're the mainstays of the modern farmhouse design you likely think of when hearing the term.

Characteristics of farmhouse style include:

  • Lots of exposed wood throughout the house, whether in the construction (like exposed metal beams) or in furniture sets.
  • Neutral color palettes of warm whites, beige, brown, or gray.
  • Shiplap paneling on walls and doors.
  • Open shelving, particularly in the kitchen.
  • The use of reclaimed wood.
  • Distressed finishes on home accents and furniture.
  • Antique and vintage-style pieces throughout the home.
  • Minimalist style with lots of open space in each room.
  • Materials like rattan, wicker furniture with woven rope accents

These are the cornerstones of the style, though you don't have to include every single one for your house to showcase farmhouse design. Since practicability and function are rooted deep in their origins, there's plenty of room to select pieces that meet your family's needs.

Adding farmhouse wall decor is another excellent way to make the style yours.

Farmhouse Décor Trends

As styles evolve, so do a few of the key trends that go along. The modern farmhouse retains some of the classics from old times, with a new twist that brings it into the now. Experts are chiming in with the latest farmhouse trends from the past few years.

First, since the main color palette is usually neutral, we encourage using seasonal pop colors as accents. Red and green in the Winter, for example, rust oranges and deep yellows in the Fall, bright florals or nautical accents for Summer, and pastel tones in the Spring. Use these accent colors sparingly–we recommend not using them in more than 10% of your overall decor.

Next, bring in modern pieces like sleek metal stools around the kitchen island and mixed medium elements with both wood and metal for lighting, furniture, and decor. Now, it's also all about luxury. Nice, large, comfortable couches are in, and items like oversized throw pillows.

While farmhouse decor didn't feature many patterns in the past, the modern touch includes stripes, Buffalo checkers, and the sophisticated touch of marble countertops and oversized double kitchen sinks.

There are lots of farmhouse wall decor trends, too, that add an "in the now" look and feel to your space.

Farmhouse Wall Décor Ideas

Maintaining the farmhouse design style throughout your home is easy with the right pieces of farmhouse wall decor. There are plenty of options, ranging from purely decorative to multi-functional accents.

Here are a few ideas to help you incorporate farmhouse wall decor into your home.


The use of mirrors, in general, is gaining popularity in virtually every styled home, and the farmhouse theme is no exception. Mirrors help your rooms look brighter and larger, one of the key characteristics of the style. To stick with a farmhouse design, add pieces that feature wood and metal or distressed finishes. Try this Distressed White Mirror for entryways, bathrooms, and smaller spaces.

Wall Clocks

Wall clocks are a piece of farmhouse wall decor that keep with the functional, practical aspect of the style. Here, you'll see again that it's all about the medium. Like this Gray Roman Numeral Wall Clock, clocks with wood and metal fit perfectly in virtually any space. Place it in the dining room, your kitchen, or home office.

This Black Stop Watch Clock is an excellent option to feature a mixed-medium, slightly industrial piece that maintains the vintage/antique theme at the center of the style. With a distressed metal finish, it brings a nostalgic touch to your space.

Meaningful Words and Phrases

Printed words and phrases on distressed wood finishes or metal backgrounds are also big in the world of farmhouse wall decor. Whether you want to spread inspirational affirmations throughout your home, showcase your values, or add something cute to a blank space, it's possible with words-on-wood and metal decor.

Check out this piece that reads Happiness is Homemade, a great kitchen accent like this Wood and Metal Coffee Bar wall hanging, or wall hangings with sentimental core values such as Love, Hope, or Faith.

Open Floating Shelves

Another way to incorporate style and function, floating shelves, are very in right now. They speak to the minimalist character of farmhouse style while keeping the space open and allowing you to add personal touches throughout your area. Again, material and medium are important here.

Try this practical Wood Welcome Shelf with five hanging hooks for car keys or light jackets. It keeps with the natural material, open space concept, and functionality the style highlights. Add Wood Oak Grain Floating Shelves throughout your home to place photos, small greenery, and decorative accents that keep with the theme.

This Wall Shelf in Distressed Gray with Black Metal Accents is another fantastic option for a more mixed-medium industrial feel.

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