Sweet Valentine's Day décor

Whether you love it or hate it, there's no denying that Valentine's Day is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year in the United States. As a hopeless romantic, I've always loved the beginning of February as hues of red and pink take over the stores. I think part of this love stems from my family celebrations growing up. My dad was never one to go shopping with us kids, but Valentine's Day was different. Every year he would take my sister's and I to the store for a few hours and we each got to pick out a present (looking back, he probably was doing this more as a gift to my mom than us) and we would always look forward to it. Obviously the most important part of Valentine's Day is spending time with the ones you love, but since I'm a big advocate of spreading the love even to your friends and family who live miles away, I've picked out some items from Old Time Pottery that I think would be perfect to gift to sweeten up someone's day!

1. His and Hers Mugs Two of my dear friends got married a couple months ago, and they're constantly posting cute Instagram photos of them with matching outfits, pajamas, etc. - They're just one of those couples! These mugs are SO cute, and perfect for their aesthetic. I definitely considered keeping these, and I still might go back and buy a set for my better half and myself!

Adorable His and Her mugs
2. Crystal Box I always get my mom a little something for Valentine's Day, and I know she loves all things shiny and pretty. I was happily surprised when I came upon this little trinket in Old Time Pottery. It has a beautiful design on the outside of the lid, but is simple enough for everyday use. My mom loves little catch all dishes and I think this one will be perfect for her bedroom dresser.
Heart-shaped dishes
3. Inspirational Sign Much like Valentine's Day, inspirational signs tend to be a "love them" or "hate them" item. I'm again on the love side of this spectrum because I think everyone could use a reminder every once in a while. I have a co-worker that puts a new sign up every day just so she can have daily reminders to relax, be kind, or whatever she feels like she needs that day. I think this type of gift could work for so many different people - mom, aunt, grandma, friend, etc.
A cute little sign: Do small things with great love
4. Chocolates And last (but certainly not least) are the chocolates! Every good Valentine's Day has lots and lots of it, so make sure you stock up early before all the good kinds are gone. Chocolates are a great gift for anyone because they get used up fairly quickly. I actually bought a couple boxes this year - for my sisters, my dad, and my co-workers. Last year I bought a huge box of chocolates into work for everyone and they were gone in about 10 minutes flat! A lot of times it can feel hard to get to know people you only know in a professional setting, but I've noticed that every time I bring in food I make at least 2 more friends!
A box of chocolates we can't wait to pry open
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