Fresh air and sunshine are beginning to pour into your home as the stuffiness and cold of winter say goodbye. It's time to do a total refresh of your home–but where do you begin? From putting away the remnants of holiday decor and clutter to making space for the new, using the best spring cleaning hacks and tips can help make the process much simpler.

It's time to open those shades and curtains, reset your space, and bring in that light and airy feeling that comes with the warmer months. As the frost melts away and the beauty of greenery and flowers appear, you likely feel invigorated–like a whole new person ready to take on anything.

The kids have new sports coming up, you have outdoor day trips planned, and visions of summer floating through your mind. You look around and see that your house doesn't match that vibe. Maybe it's still filled with dark red, gold, and deep green hues. Or, the piles of jackets, snow boots, and hats are sitting by the door.

Using the right spring cleaning hacks can help you change all this in much less time than you think. It doesn't have to be an ever-time-consuming task that leads to headaches and frustration. Instead, it can help you enjoy the idea of the balmy days ahead, improving your mood and clearing your mind.

At Old Time Pottery, we have affordable storage solutions, seasonal decor, and spring cleaning tips to get you on track. We're here to go over some fun facts, like the history of spring cleaning. And we know it can be a large task, so we're bringing you the best spring cleaning tips to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed. We'll also provide tips and tricks to help you maintain a crisp, clean feeling throughout the year, no matter what month.

Keep reading to learn more and find the best home products at the best price in town.

The History of Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn't a new phenomenon. While it's been a mainstay in households across America for many years, its origins date back several millennia. Historians correlate the original form of spring cleaning with the Persian New Year, the first day of spring. Persians called the practice "kehaneh tekani," which roughly translates to "shaking the house." They believed that sweeping and removing items they no longer needed from their home with the new season would protect them from bad fortune. Iranians continue this practice today.

However, ancient Persians 't the only culture to take on the practice. Judeo-Christians began spring cleaning soon after the Israelites became liberated from the Egyptians. That time now matches the sacred holiday of Passover. The Torah, the holy book of religious practice, states that not a single crumb or bit of dust remains in the house–leading to "spring cleaning" of the entire dwelling.

In April, ancient Buddhists also took on the idea of spring cleaning. Thailand's Songkran Festival in April consists of followers pouring water on their bodies and meticulously cleaning their homes as a form of purification.

Each of these cultures believed in the same principles. That ridding their homes and places of worship as spring began would protect them from evil and misfortune, bring purity into their lives, and provide them with a safe and beautiful place to live, work, and reflect.

Today, we continue to participate in Spring cleaning not necessarily because of our ancient origins but instead for the many tangible and psychological benefits.

3 Tips for Spring Cleaning to Help You Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed

Did you know that having a cluttered home can hurt your psyche, mood, and levels of productivity and creativity? It's true. Many Americans say that the cleanliness of their homes is a primary driver of stress. With piles of things we meant to put away weeks ago, trinkets we swore we wouldn't hold onto, burnt-out lightbulbs, broken faucets, and dusty bookshelves, we can feel like our lives are in disarray.

This leads to an imbalance, as your mind jumps from one thing on your to-do list to another. As you walk in the door and see your list uncompleted, you feel overwhelmed and under-accomplished. But this is normal, and you're not alone. It's a natural reaction many people feel when they see clutter and mess. It can make it more challenging and time consuming to make it out the door on time as your search for that one last-needed item and cause stress when you can't locate just-the-right thing you need to complete a job.

Banish that overwhelming feeling no more when you use these three spring cleaning hacks and tips.

1) Clean One Space At a Time

A common mistake is to start a project in one room and move on to another in the next before the space is completely clear. Instead, clean one room at a time, even if it takes several days. For instance, cleaning out the garage can be a more significant task than cleaning up the bathrooms. It's easy to say, "We'll finish this next week," and let the project sit indefinitely.

Focus on one area to deep clean and stick to that area until you're done. The garage may take a while. You may have to go through storage boxes and shelves, focus on what you do and don't need to keep and do a thorough sweeping. For many, this takes an entire weekend, and that's okay. At the end of the project, you'll feel accomplished and gain a sense of relief.

Then, move on to the next space. For example, focus on one child's room at a time instead of taking on multiple rooms. Swap out their winter clothing for spring outfits, dust the surfaces, and shampoo the carpet in that room before moving on to the next. Slowly but surely, you'll see your entire house come together in a new light.

2) Get Rid of Non-Necessities

In many cases of stress and overstimulation, clutter is the culprit. Whether it's things you need that aren't in their proper place, or items you no longer use but haven't gotten away to disposing of, decluttering is one of the largest parts of spring cleaning.

Go through the things you have sitting around, hidden in cabinets and drawers, or hanging in the closet. An excellent general rule is that if you haven't used an item within the past year, toss it. Of course, sentimental items like photo albums or family heirlooms are an exception, but instead, find a nice, neat place for them to belong.

3) Check Expiration Dates

Expiration dates apply to more than food, though you'll definitely want to check your fridge and pantry to see what's gone bad. Medication and even cleaning supplies are only good for so long. One room at a time, look at anything that may expire. Toss the items that aren't good anymore and say goodbye forever. This leaves room for the new things you'll need this year while minimizing clutter.

As you go through these spring cleaning tips, you'll find the process much less overwhelming than you thought it might be.

3 Tips for Spring Cleaning and Decluttering

Aside from the obvious solution of throwing away the things you don't need, you'll find plenty of items you will need but don't have a use for right now. Special holiday decorations and cold-weather clothing are a few of the most common. Here's how you can clean and declutter effectively.

1) Find Storage Solutions

Instead of throwing everything in the back of the closet to bring out next year, effectively store things neatly with great home organization products. Use large bins with lids and labels, so you know precisely what's in which storage unit when you need to whip it back out. Find somewhere to place these bins, like an attic, crawl space, or dedicated spot in the garage. Consider moisture and humidity and select air-tight containers to keep items in good condition.

2) Keep a List

Once you have the clutter, you don't need out of the house and an organized inventory of what you need to store away safely, list where you place each item and storage bin. You want to avoid tearing apart the garage next year, looking for something in the attic. You can keep this handy list in a file cabinet drawer or other safe space and check before each season to jog your memory on where everything is before you search.

3) Replace What's Needed

Now's the time to eliminate essential household items at the end of their lifespan and replace them with brand-new home essentials. You should toss old dirty mop heads, almost empty bottles of glass cleaner, and clothing hangers on their last leg, but you should buy new replacements. As you make your way through each room, take a careful inventory and add them to your shopping list.

How to Stay Clean Throughout the Rest of the Year

Spring cleaning is easier when you keep up with our list of tips and hacks all year. As you come across things in your house and wonder when the last time they were used, consider throwing them out immediately instead of letting things accumulate. As new items appear, as they always do, find a "home" for each specific item instead of putting it in a pile to go through later.

Those neatly organized shelves and closets you so carefully put together? Check on them once a month or so and remove clothing that no longer fits the kids right away. Throw out old, worn-down shoes when you replace them, and remember the "one-year rule."

Additionally, expand your storage solutions if you begin seeing more items in your house. It may be time to add more decorative baskets, hanging organizers, and more throughout the year. These spring cleaning hacks and tips can help your mind feel at ease and your house like a home, no matter what season. And next spring, you'll have less to do!

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