Blank walls inside your home may leave you feeling like something is missing, but with the right gallery wall ideas, you can amp up the look and style of your space in no time. With the right combination of wall art, home decor accents, and unique pieces, create a room you love that's yours and yours alone.

Without the proper wall decor, your house can feel sterile and empty and leave you feeling a little like you're in a doctor's office. It also negates your opportunity to highlight the most important things to you. Having the pieces that you love proudly displayed on a gallery wall brings a room to life. You may walk in and feel like no one lives there.

However, decorating can be a tricky thing. But it's worth it to take the jump and put together something awe-inspiring. Guests may find the room absolutely remarkable, and when you select extraordinary pieces, you'll think so too.

If you currently have blank walls throughout your home, knowing where to start when putting together a gallery can be challenging. Many think of "galleries" as upscale art shows and rooms that only appear in movies and glamorized TV shows. You can also bring this picture-esque, magazine-worthy feel into whichever room you choose.

At Old Time Pottery, we have everything you need, with just the right pieces, to start creating your own art and wall decor. Get creative, be bold and daring, and never think a project is too big to tackle. We're here to guide you each step of the way with the most affordable prices possible.

Keep reading to learn more about gallery walls, common items to include in your decor, finding the pieces that are right for your room, the best placement for this collection, and popular geometric arrangements. Decorating like a professional can be easy when you follow a few key tips.

What Is a Gallery Wall?

You may not know what it means to decorate a room in this fashion, but once you have the right gallery wall ideas and some examples to follow, you'll quickly get the hang of things.

Gallery walls also referred to as "salon walls," is any formerly blank wall that now contains a wide variety of art and home accents in a centralized location. Instead of hanging a piece here and there, gallery walls are often much more extensive collections of wall hangings. They're an eclectic grouping of objects that come together in just the right way to reflect your personality.

Unlike minimalist styles, gallery walls are all about grouping items close together (with just enough space to breathe) to create a rich, ornate look. They showcase memories, dreams, and accomplishments and speak to who you are as a person or family. Sometimes, they're just for fun–to elevate the appearance of a space. There's no wrong reason to decorate in this way.

While gallery walls are typically a cluster of hangings, they're also put together with a great strategy. The end result is a timeless, chic, and sharp room.

Common Items & Décor to Include In a Gallery Wall

Are you looking for gallery wall ideas? When staring at a blank wall, you may wonder how to fill it best. Many common, popular items and decor elements appear on gallery walls all over the world. Once you hone in on what you want, you're ready to get going.

Common Items and Gallery Wall Ideas Include:

  • Decorative items, such as trinkets on narrow shelves or small woven tapestries.
  • Mirrors. It's a great idea to add exciting and more ornamental mirrors. Look for mirrors with unique shapes and delicate details along the frame, and decide whether you want the mirror to present as a functional piece or a funky addition to your decor. The mirror can be big and spacious, making your room look brighter and larger, or as tiny as you like for an elegant piece of art.
  • Wall art. Find a few canvas paintings or framed prints in any style you like. Whether they're abstract, nature scapes or photos of your favorite book cover, the wall art you choose is essential.
  • Family photos. Many people include family photos when implementing their gallery wall ideas. Pictures of vacations, significant milestones, or family favorites all make fantastic additions.
  • Wall text. You don't have to remain limited to 3-dimensional pieces. Using flat wall text also adds an element of design. Words like "love," "family," and favorite quotes are a few examples.
  • Narrow shelving. This gives you an excellent opportunity to add small sculptures, and what would be small tabletop decor can all be great gallery wall ideas. You can add greenery, house plants or faux greens, clocks, keepsake boxes, and more.
  • Items that are out of the ordinary. This is your chance to shine and bring out your gallery wall's best, most personal part. Some people choose things like plates, hat collections, or items handed down through the family through generations.
  • Taxidermy. This gallery wall idea isn't for everyone but it may speak to you. Whether it's an animal you hunted and turned into a taxidermy yourself or a cool piece you found at a local shop, these can serve as excellent focal points.
  • "Random" items. You can include random items that match your theme seamlessly. Things like paint brushes, numbers that are important to you, guitars, and more may seem random at first, but when you think about your family passions, they fit right in.

How to Choose Things for Your Gallery Wall

With so many selections to choose from, it can take time to decide which items to select. The best thing to do is to think of the most prominent piece you want to incorporate, the one that you want to draw attention to the most. Then, build around that specific piece. It doesn't have to be in the center. It may be at the very top, the bottom, or even serve as a side boundary for your collection.

Think about what you want your gallery wall to say. Will it be a spot to mainly showcase your family's past and present? Or will it be primarily decorative? Do you want to stick to a particular theme, like sports or nautical items, or are you looking to fill the blank wall with brilliant pieces of art and antique decor? This will guide the things you choose. Of course, the wall can blend several ideas when put together correctly.

To get ideas of what to choose, scope out some online design boards if you'd like. See what others have done and which designs jump out at you the most. You can use these as inspiration, and they may give you gallery wall ideas you never imagined before. "Copying" other people's displays aren't always bad if you bring your creative element and personal touch to the table.

Where Should You Put a Gallery Wall?

There are various options to choose from when deciding where to put a gallery wall. In fact, you can use almost any blank wall in your home. Gallery walls in the foyer or front hallway are an excellent way to welcome guests, making your house feel a little more cozy right as they step in the door.

Other options include decorating a wall that goes up a staircase. Lots of people leave this wall blank, but it can be much more interesting with a gallery collection. You can also choose to decorate your living room wall, the wall above your bed, a teen's room, or a wall in the entertainment area of a finished basement. The options are limitless. Some people also choose to create mini gallery walls in guest bathrooms.

If you see a blank wall in your home, you can turn it into a gallery wall. There is no right or wrong space to do this, and it's all about your vision and what and where you want to display your items.

Common Layouts for Gallery Walls?

Next, choosing a layout for your gallery wall is essential. Some people love the look of a perfectly square wall decoration, but there are plenty of ways to get funkier with it.

A few common layouts for gallery walls include:

  • Mix and match small and large pieces that taper off in any direction.
  • Placing one main piece, typically the largest, in the center and create a circle around that wall hanging with smaller items.
  • Shelving. Some people choose to use shelving to display their entire gallery wall. This creates a neat and crisp look while still providing the ability to add lots of personal touches to a space.
  • Create a diamond or triangle shape using your decor of choice.
  • Create a perfect square or rectangle, either with pieces that are all the same size, or vary, to create sleek edges and a distinct boundary around your gallery wall.
  • Use different shapes. You can choose circular pieces and mix them in with straight-edged pieces. Hexagons, triangles, you can add them all within the boundaries of your gallery.
  • Hang your pieces in an abstract shape within the defined boundaries. It doesn't have to be a perfect square, circle, or rectangle. Many people choose this option when mixing sizes and shapes.

Important things to consider include proper spacing. Design experts recommend that you leave 3-to-6 inches between each item to ensure they have room to breathe and keep the wall from looking cluttered. Larger pieces should have more space around them, while smaller pieces can be placed closer together.

You should also take note of any crown molding, wall trims, furniture, and the boundaries of the wall itself. If hanging over a large piece of furniture like a couch or bed, leave about two feet from the top of the piece before starting your gallery wall. This helps avoid bumps and falls and allows you to rest without hitting your head against your decor.

Regarding crown molding, wall trims, and the corner of the wall, leave at least 8 inches to make the gallery wall seem intentional and less like items are crammed together.

Shop Old Time Pottery Today

Once you have your gallery wall ideas pinned down, get started creating! At Old Time Pottery, we have plenty of items to suit your style. From small faux greenery to hanging mirrors, wall art, and small sculptures and decor, you'll find it all right here.

You'll find vases if you're looking to add a floral arrangement, candle holders, decorative orbs, clocks, framed art, mirrors, shelving, and even LED signs if you're really looking to illuminate your room. The options are endless when you shop with us. Additionally, if you want to showcase your own photos, we have empty decorative frames that you can fill with the pictures of your choice.

Old Time Pottery is known for its low pricing. Your gallery wall ideas don't have to cost a fortune, though they will look like a million bucks. Get the look without the high price tag. You can order online for in-store pick-up, request local delivery if available in your area, or browse the aisles in person for more inspiration.

We look forward to seeing you, discussing your gallery wall ideas, and helping you find the right items to complete your project. Visit Old Time Pottery Today.

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