Old Time Pottery Decorated Halloween Tree

This week we have a new spooky how-to for your next Halloween bash from Callie Jo at Halloween Head.
An Old Time Pottery Halloween Tree I was absolutely ecstatic to have been asked to collaborate with Old Time Pottery on my very first Halloween tree! I’ve been a fan of this store for many years. It first opened when I was in high school and suddenly closed. Several years ago they opened up a new location in Tulsa, OK and I visit there probably several times a month (much more than I should). I almost always take my mom along with me (she’s my shopping partner in crime) because I value her opinion when I’m shopping for my home. Old Time Pottery offers a wide variety of home goods at the most reasonable prices – plus, their seasonal selection is always unique and full of unexpected treasures. The first time I visited Old Time Pottery during this Halloween season (check out my shopping trip here), I fell in love with the giant Halloween ornaments that lined the shelves (yes, Halloween season officially begins in July now and I’m totally OK with that!). I’ve been yearning to create a Halloween tree for quite some time, and after seeing those ornaments I was immediately inspired to deck my tree with ghoulish baubles from Old Time Pottery! Spooky spiders and other Halloween goodies If there was a career in Halloween shopping (or shopping in general) I’m quite certain I’d be expertly qualified. It took no time to fill up my cart as I hunted the orange and black lined aisles for tricks and treats to make the perfect Halloween tree. Callie Jo having a blast at OTP Because Old Time Pottery is amazing, I found a tree topper instantly. Nothing says spooky like an over-the-top satin witch hat. This witch hat also has a humongous spider with glowing red eyes. Not even a Christmas tree topper can have multiple uses in the way this witch hat can. I can either wear it for a witch costume this year, keep it on my tree, set it on my fireplace mantle display…the options are endless! A Halloween pumpkin ornament Here are some of the whimsical and sparkly giant Halloween ornaments I mentioned earlier. They were born to hang on a Halloween tree with their silly faces and mystical shine. A scary Frankenstein ornament A smiling Dracula ornament Spooky spiderwebbed ornament DSC_0051 I ended up purchasing all of the ornaments pictured above. My tree is slender and skinny so I could only fit about five of the extra-large globes on the tree comfortably. DSC_0043 The most difficult thing to find was a tree skirt for my tree. Since most retailers do not stock tree trimmings for Halloween trees specifically, one must get creative! My mom actually found these two sheer window curtain panels on clearance at Old Time Pottery and I loved her idea of layering them together to wrap around the tree base to make a skirt. The colors blended perfectly with the color scheme I had in mind too! DSC_0044 They had a fantastic assortment of Halloween lights! I opted for blending both purple and green lights. The purple lights have a fun, shimmery effect that helps add some movement and mysticism to my tree. DSC_0045 I always use thick decorative ribbon for tree garland. There is so much variety in patterns and colors, plus it doesn’t get all tangled in the same way beads and tinsel does. This year, Old Time Pottery has a great selection of ribbon with Halloween inspired patterns and prints and fall patterns. If you’re a fall decorator, you could easily spruce (see what I did there?) up your regular green Christmas tree with some autumnal ribbon and foliage. DSC_0046 I had to make my tree stand (I’m on point with these puns!) out with these wicked witch legs. They also came in orange and green stripes! DSC_0047 I found these moody dark purple faux stems in the floral department there. Since my tree is all black, I wanted to add some natural-looking pops of color and these flowers were meant to do the trick. I ended up using wire cutters to snip off each individual flower so I could scatter them about the tree. sparkly purple and green ornaments for pops of color Most Halloween lovers dread the thought of Christmas encroaching upon our favorite holiday – however it was quite a welcome circumstance for my Halloween tree. I needed some small glass bulbs to offset the large ornaments. Much to my surprise, Old Time Pottery has a huge variety of glass ornaments in all sorts of colors, sizes, and quantities. These ten packs of ornaments only set me back $2.99 each! DSC_0048 Spiders in trees are good luck you know! These fun accents also come equipped with a suction cup if you want to place them on a window instead. I bought these in silver and orange to bring me the luck I need this Halloween season. Halloween head décor
Here’s a close up of my tree topper! Isn’t it just magical? It is definitely the piece that ties the whole tree together and matches the cute wicked witch feet to boot. eerie green lighting for a Halloween tree The first step in decorating my tree was to wrap it in lights since it did not come pre-lit. ribbons, ribbons everywhere I then wrapped my ribbons around the tree in layers from the top to the bottom. The completed Halloween tree The most fun part is hanging all of the spooktacular baubles and ornaments on the tree after the lights and garland are set. Green light bathes the spooky Halloween tree The finishing touch on this Halloween tree Tricks and treats to be found under this tree I’m quite happy with how it turned out and how all the colors came together on the tree. Spooky socks fit for a witch I’m so happy to have worked with Old Time Pottery to make my dreams of a Halloween tree a reality! Bats keeping the Dracula ornament company My halls are properly haunted now and ready for things that go bump in the night… Halloween tree …this tree is full of Halloween spirit and fright! Spooky Halloween scene Old Time Pottery Halloween tree A Halloween-themed fire place display Stay spooky, Callie Jo
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