Kelly is on the blog today to show us how she organized her pantry! 

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I am so excited to show you guys my pantry! Even the hubby was super impressed on how this project turned out! Why organize your pantry? Besides the fact it looks amazing, a perfectly organized pantry will wow your guests, give food longer shelf life, and create easy to reach snacks for your little ones. Can you say less work for mom? I think it’s pretty much a win/win at this point.

Let’s look at the before…

pantry organization

Check out the AFTER! WOW!

wicker storage

I am going to work my way from the bottom to the top!

  • Huge wicker baskets
    • Old Time Pottery has a huge selection of wicker baskets to choose from! Wicker baskets are perfect for organization and style! I suggest taking measurements of your shelves before you go. One big wicker basket on the left is filled with dog food and dog treats. The wicker basket on the right is filled with our lunch boxes.
  • Bottom Shelf
    • Plastic Organizers– On the left, you see clear plastic bins from Old Time Pottery and they are perfect for organizing snacks. Whenever you organize your pantry you want to try to remove everything out of the boxes. It will create space and it will be easier to grab when you are in a hurry. I always keep kid snacks on the lower shelf so they can grab it without asking me!
    • Air Tight Containers- In the middle of the lowest level shelf you can see airtight food containers from Old Time Pottery and this is where we keep peanuts in one and almonds in the other. We love snacking on nuts because they are super healthy. Not only does it come with a scoop that snaps to the lid, but it will also keep your food fresher longer.
    • White Bins– On the far right of the lower level you see a large white bin. This is where I keep chips. I like buying individual packs of chips because they prevent all of us from overeating them and I also like the fact it keeps the chips fresh longer. I also placed crackers in there as well.
  • Third Shelf
    • I love these wicker baskets from Old Time Pottery because you can see inside of them. One contains all my oils, vinegar, and condiments and one contains all of our workout protein powders and collagen.
    • The white bin on the left contains popcorn and the white bin on the right contains salad toppings.
  • Second shelf
    • Starting with the left, I have a jar for my k-cups and a turntable for all my canned goods.
    • In the glass containers, I have whole wheat pasta, rice, and brown sugar.
    • The little white bin from Old Time Pottery has organic mac and cheese. You can find all of your kitchen organization products at one convenient location!
  • Top Shelf
    • Starting with the left, we have cereal containers from Old Time Pottery. (It fits one regular size box of cereal comfortably.) Like I mentioned before these have scoops that snap to the lid which is very convenient.
    • The little white bin that contains all of our sweets. I like to keep these hard to reach for everyone! Always keep sweets on the top shelf.
    • In the glass jars, we have sugar, flour, and powder sugar.
    • The large white storage bin on the far right has all my baking materials like baking powder, extra flour, extra sugar, chocolate chips, and any item I need to bake with. I love being able to just pull that bin out and have everything I need.

I hope we inspired you to start organizing your pantry with wicker baskets! Looking for more kitchen inspiration? Check out this blog post All White Airy Kitchen Reveal here.

Old Time Pottery is one of my favorite places to shop for home organization and decor! The price point is great and they have such a variety to choose from! Thank you so much Old Time Pottery for sponsoring this post!

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