Dining table centerpieces truly bring out everything your kitchen nook or formal dining table offers. They often serve as a talking point for guests, as they're bound to ask where you got the perfect piece–one that matches the style of your home and your personal taste. They also make the dining space feel homier as the kids, family, and friends gather to eat.

There's nothing more personal than the dining room or kitchen tables. We share laughs, stories, and memories over a delicious meal. They're a place to study, journal, or have deep conversations late into the night. People gather at dining tables for serious discussions, whether making big life decisions or when they need a shoulder to lean on. If you think back, you can picture most of these things at your table as a child or into adulthood.

Keeping your dining room table as a warm, delightful, and charming space brings everyone together. It fosters a sense of closeness among family and friends and may also be where you sip coffee in the morning or tea late in the evening. While they're a place to gather, they're also a place you can retreat to for a quiet alone time.

When it comes to dining tables, the first things that come to mind are often placemats, utensils, glassware, napkins, and salt shakers. But dining table centerpieces can be what ties it all together. Dining table centerpieces can make the space more welcoming, bright, and festive.

However, store-bought, pre-made dining table centerpieces can get expensive. With the glass vases, floral arrangements, and accents like gemstones, buying a centerpiece at a major retailer or from a website where people sell their DIY projects, the cost can add up quickly.

But it doesn't have to. You can create your own centerpiece at home at an affordable cost when you shop in the right store to create something of your own. This makes it easy to switch out your decorative accents by season or for special occasions without worry.

At Old Time Pottery, we have all the accessories you need to make a stunning centerpiece. If you love DIY projects, making beautiful creations, or want to try something new, we have the items at the lowest price possible.

Keep reading to learn more about the magical powers of dining table centerpieces, crucial do's and don'ts for decoration, and how to choose a centerpiece arrangement that matches your existing decor.

Do Dining Tables Need Centerpieces?

While dining tables don't need centerpieces, having one set can really set the tone where the space you eat, converse and reflect. They can bring your table, and entire room, to life. They also give those who love to decorate for seasons and holidays the perfect opportunity to bring the festivities to the table!

For Spring and Summer centerpieces, bring in bright florals or nautical themes that remind everyone of the sunny outside. When it comes to the colder months, faux leaves, rust oranges, deep reds, and pine cones make it feel a little more like the season. In the Winter, dark green, gold, red, and silver hues are great markers for the end of the year.

With great pricing and the ability to switch out your centerpieces as you wish, the possibilities are endless. You can also choose to create a centerpiece that retains its style year-long. A permanent piece of home decor that adds to your existing style.

So while you may not need a centerpiece, there are countless reasons to bring one to your table. Foster a sense of happiness and joy among those who eat, and remind them that this is home.

Centerpiece Do's and Don'ts for Different Size and Shaped Dining Tables

You can make dining table centerpieces that fit virtually any size or shaped surface. Whether you have a two-seat bar-height table in an apartment or a grand formal living room to decorate, there's a centerpiece for every home.

Here's a list of DOs to keep in mind:

  • Mix the decor pieces' sizes to create a luxurious and full look.
  • Choose different colors and textures that complement each other to spice up the variety.
  • Consider the design scheme of the current space. Is it more rustic, industrial, modern, or contemporary? Stick with the theme and try to match your color theme and the type of materials you already have.
  • Consider the size and shape of your table.
    • For circular tables, stick with a circle vase, so everything looks centered and right in place. For larger, rectangular tables, you have a few options. Square centerpieces complement smaller square tables. On the other hand, for a formal or large table, you can choose to create one large centerpiece that's thin and long or use circular pieces that are evenly spaced throughout the length of the table.
    • The larger the table, the larger the centerpiece should be. A small centerpiece on a large table can look out of place, like it's floating in the air. A large centerpiece on a small table limits room for plates and beverages and can make the table feel cluttered.
    • Always leave enough room for meal-time accessories. Forks, napkins, serving dishes, and beverages.
    • Use your imagination and get creative. Choose materials and colors you love that look great in your space, and add the flare you want with your own design. You can check out various design websites for inspiration.
    • Pick out materials that aren't just flowers. You can use vase fillers, stones, gems, and more. Wooden accents look great in rustic spaces or through the colder months. Even fake fruit can bring out the best of the warmer seasons. Centerpieces that feature candles are also an excellent option.
  • Consider using a variety of mixed pieces. You can use small decor accents, such as small decorative cans mixed with faux fruit under a color and textured cloth. You don't have to stick to one central centerpiece, but rather create a complementary assortment around one central piece.

Here's a list of DONTs to keep in mind:

  • Create a centerpiece that blocks the view of those seated at the table. Keep the piece short enough that those sitting across from each other can maintain eye contact and conversation.
  • Stay under the height of nine inches for the complete centerpiece. Too tall of a centerpiece can appear overwhelming.
  • Make a centerpiece that clashes with the vibe of your home. For modern or industrial spaces, you can select a base like a metal lantern or tray, which you can fill with flowers, accent pieces, and exquisite items instead of one filled with bits that don't match the existing style. For more formal spaces, glass vases are a popular option–a mix of candles and flowers will do well.
  • Stick to the classic "vase" arrangement if you're looking for something eclectic and modern. Decorative bowls, cans, and trays can serve as dining table centerpieces that you can use with filler pieces like seashells, textured orbs, resin rope, funky geometric fillers, and iridescent glass stones.

How to Pick a Centerpiece That Matches Your Décor

If you're starting out on your DIY journey of creating decor for your home, you likely have questions about which centerpieces will match your space and which won't.

Follow the checklist below for a few considerations when matching your centerpieces to your decor:

  • Color–you always want the colors in your centerpiece to complement the colors you already have throughout the room. However, this can sometimes be hard to envision. There's a great solution to this. There are lots of boards and color wheels online that show which colors match and which will clash. Check them out to get an idea of which colors you should incorporate.
  • Texture–another essential part of creating a matching centerpiece is to look at the textures in your space. Do you have many natural-looking pieces, like rattan and wicker and wood grain tables? This is the perfect opportunity to bring in faux greenery. If your look is chic and sleek, stick to minimalist pieces and neutral or translucent tones. Sometimes, more is less.
  • Style–the final thing to keep in mind is the decoration style of your home. Rustic pieces likely won't match more formal set-ups that have pre-set glassware and plates. Meanwhile, a super formal arrangement of roses and candles will probably look out of place in a more casually styled space.

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Old Time Pottery is the place to shop if you're ready to start making a dining table centerpiece. We have a wide assortment of vases and home accents, faux floral pieces, decorative trays and bowls, decorative fillers, and everything you need to connect each piece. From foam balls to wire ties and even the cutters, you'll need to ensure each part reaches the right height. You'll find it all in a one-stop shop. All at the best prices-- you won't break the bank when you shop with us.

You can order online for in-store pick-up, opt for local delivery, or browse our full selection in aisles. We look forward to helping you create a beautiful, statement-making dining table centerpiece today.

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