While I'm ready for Fall by mid-summer, not everyone is super excited to rush into fall or autumn decor in their home. However, you do not have to go all reds and oranges in August. Let me show you how to ease into seasonal decor in your home with the help of a few things I picked up from Old Time Pottery!

I have to admit it...I'm super basic when it comes to my favorite season. It's Fall. Autumn. Whatever you like to call it, I'm ready for it by mid-summer.

About the time the crazy hot weather comes, and the 4th of July is over, I'm ready to break out the pumpkins. There is something about this change in season that reinvigorates me up.

I think the start of the school year (which was always in August for me) brought out the promise of growth, change, and learning...and school supplies. I LOVED school supply shopping. I know, like I said...basic.

The cooler weather and changing leaves bring about this feeling of endless possibilities. It's the prelude to the holidays. I just love it. Hence, why I'm often ready and willing to get a jump start on the season.

One more reason...I really love my Fall home decor AND I also love going big with decorating for Halloween. So, if I want to have plenty of time with both sets of decor out, I really actually need to get a head start.


What If You're Not Ready for All Things Fall Quite Yet?

If August 1st or 31st rolls around and you are only sort of ready to decorate for Fall, you can follow these tips to ease yourself and your home decor into the season. And best of all, you can find all of these pieces at Old Time Pottery!

1. Replace Colorful Summer Florals with Neutral Sunflowers

Neutral Sunflowers from Old Time Pottery

Sunflowers are a transitional flower for me because they can bloom during the summer and the fall around here. You can also get them in a variety of colors and hues.

If you want to start working Fall decor in, but do not want to fully commit, look for neutral-colored sunflowers. Replace any bright pinks or reds you may have with more neutral colors to help transition into the new season.

I am so impressed with these neutral-colored sunflowers from Old Time Pottery. They are super detailed. I bought quite a few.

The best part about shopping at Old Time Pottery, though, is that I could afford to pick up more of them because they are so affordably priced. This full, lush bouquet would have easily cost me over $100 at some popular online retailers but cost me just $30 at OTP.

2. Add Natural Fiber, Metal, Glass, and Wood Fall Decor

Adding pumpkins, acorns, leaves, or other traditionally Fall-themed decor that's made of metal, glass, wood, raffia or other natural fibers will help tone down the seasonal feel to your decor.

I picked up this glass vase from Old Time Pottery as well and it's the perfect color for transitional/fall decor.

3. Look for Pale Pinks and/or Jewel Tones

My summer living room was filled with pinks, greens, and creams throughout my decorations. In order to help transition my living room to Fall decor, I looked for some fall florals in that same color scheme, only lighter. Look for Peonies, Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, Asters, and Ranunculus in these lighter colors and work them into your decor by replacing some of the brighter colored decor.

Fall Flowers in Lighter Pinks and Oranges from Old Time Pottery

The same goes for jewel tones--they look great both in Summer and Fall-themed decor. I love using jewel tones because you can use them for multiple seasons.

Jewel Tone Fall Flowers

Let's Put It All Together!


As you can see, the lighter pinks and jewel tones look great with both my summer pillows and the neutral-colored sunflowers and wooden and glass pumpkins on the side table. Using these three tips will help you transitional your decor at your own pace from summer to fall. Plus, your decor will feel both transitional and cohesive.

Ultimately, I chose the jewel tones and neutral-colored sunflowers for my living room. With the natural fibers in my TV console (a DIY you can read about HERE) and the wooden and glass pumpkins in the pictures above and below, my living room feels like the perfect mix of late Summer and early Fall vibes.

It's really amazing what the right decor can do for your space and your mood. And I love how you can find decor to fit any vibe you're going for in your home at Old Time Pottery. What do you think of my choices?

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