Imagine opening your closet and seeing all your clothes and accessories perfectly organized, laid out, and easily accessible. Better yet, imagine finding your favorite t-shirt as soon as you open your drawer rather than rifling through piles of shirts and blouses to find the one you want for the day. For many of us, this is a dream but not a reality. We keep telling ourselves, "I'll get to it later" or "today will be the day I finally clean out my closet, get rid of old stuff and rearrange everything!" Well, if you'd like that day to occur sooner rather than later, consider investing in organizers for clothes in order to make your space tidier and your clothes more easily found. Not only can this save you time in choosing your outfit and accessories for the day, but it can also help you feel less cluttered and stressed! 

Now, right about now, you might be wondering, "what clothes organizers will work best for my stuff?" or "How much should I spend, and how many different types of organizers for clothes should I purchase?" You might even want to know how to completely utilize a small closet space to fit everything you want to keep. Luckily, we have some key pointers as to the best types of clothes organizers to utilize for each space, how to tidy up your different clothes storage places, and even how to plan out your outfits to prepare for a busy week. First and foremost, you'll most likely want to start with a good purge of everything you don't like or use anymore. This will make your organization process significantly easier, and the spaces will look more aesthetically pleasing when they aren't as cramped! Have no fear, we'll help you get there!

What Are the Different Types of Clothes Organizers?

When it comes to organizers for clothes, you have quite a few options to choose from, and many can be multifunctional. Smaller, thinner hangers are the first obvious choice when cutting back on space, as well as hooks and storage bins. If you want your shelves to look neater, we highly recommend dividers to help you distinguish your handbag area from a belt one. You don't need to go overboard in your spending but definitely invest in a variety of closet organizer storage items so that you reap the full benefits.

  • Hangers: Your first go-to investment when creating more closet space should be thin velvet hangers. Not only do they make your closet look much more uniform and classy, but they also fit into a confined space — so you can hang more clothes and still have room! Another great option for hangers is a 3 or 4-tier swing arm hanger, which allows you to hang multiple pairs of pants only in the space of one hanger with the clever design! If you own a lot of business attire, we recommend buying at least two of these!
  • Closet shelf dividers: Next, we have shelf dividers, which help create zones on your closet shelves, and also keep folded items in a neat stack. If you want something multipurpose, we recommend looking for dividers that also have valet knobs for hanging your next outfit.
  • Storage bins: Storage bins are especially helpful when making space for bags or for putting extra linens in to have at your disposal. Storage bins are also great places to keep extra accessory items that often get tossed at random places, like belts, gloves, or hats. 
  • Storage bags: These types of bags are very useful for storing extra clothes you might not be using for a while. They can also be called compression bags, in which you have to tightly seal them and vacuum the extra air out in order to make the bag take up as little space as possible. These are especially great for storing winter clothes you won't use for another few months. 
  • Clothes rack: If you have limited space in your closet and more space in your actual bedroom, you might consider using a clothes rack to hang your thicker jackets, sweaters, dresses, and pants. You can also use these to plan out your outfits for the week and have them ready right by your bed. 
  • Drawer organizers: Fabric drawer organizers are incredibly helpful in keeping small items from turning into one gigantic pile of junk in your drawer. These also help you with keeping clothes nice and neatly folded, and help you navigate so that you can access whatever you need in a moment's notice. 
  • Hooks: Hooks can be used in a multitude of ways. Our favorite method is to hang hooks on the back of your closet door for storing bags, scarves, or simply having your next outfit ready to go. You can also consider placing hooks inside your closet if there's a bit more room to hang these types of items as well. 

How to Organize Your Clothes for a Walk-in Closet

A walk-in closet has its pros and cons. While it is certainly more spacious, it can also cause room for more chaos and less accessibility when locating certain items, and can certainly hold potential for clutter if you're not careful. 

Some simple ways in which you can organize your clothes in a walk-in closet are: 

  • Creating a custom spot for your work bags and handbags so they don't get lost among other items. 
  • Outfitting a wall with double clothing rods in order to free up space on your shelves and drawers for other items. This will also allow you to see most of your wardrobe, which will make outfit selections much easier. 
  • Hanging your pants neatly side by side in an empty space rather than shoving them in a drawer. This will work especially well for multiple pairs of jeans, due to their thickness. 
  • Storing nonessential or seasonal items in clear plastic containers in order to avoid additional clutter and make room for your everyday attire. 
  • Installing a shelving unit with adjustable compartments to hold sweaters, jeans, shirts, shoes and purses, that way you can customize your space as needed. 

How to Organize Drawers

We're all too familiar with the never-ending piles of clothes that can be seen in our dresser drawers. You meant to fold everything neatly but just didn't have the time, or there simply isn't enough space, so you thought you could shove everything in to fit. Well, regardless of your struggles, we have some solutions to help you with drawer organization: 

  • Leave your bulky, thicker clothing items for the closet. You'd be surprised to how much this frees up additional drive space you didn't even know you had! 
  • Use the drawer dividers. These will create structure in your given drawer dimensions and will also prevent clothes from falling or shifting once you open the drawer. 
  • Fold and file your clothing items rather than layering them in piles. Many experts, including Marie Kondo, advise against horizontal folding and suggest vertical folding instead. This will help not only with visibility of each garment, but also with preventing shifting and messiness from the piles and layers.

Tips for Organizing Your Clothes for the Week

We all have those crazy busy weeks when we wonder how we can complete our tasks while also managing to stay healthy, active, and social. Believe it or not, planning and organizing your clothes for each occasion and appointment for the week can take a tremendous amount of stress off your shoulders. There are several ways in which you can strategize and physically organize your clothes to prepare you for a productive week ahead, so we've narrowed it down to the options we feel are most effective. 

The ways in which you can organize and plan your outfits for the week are: 

  • Look ahead at your schedule and pull out the clothes necessary for the following day on the night before. This will reduce your stress in the morning and save you time to get an extra cup of coffee or piece of toast in before heading off to your first appointment or meeting. 
  • Match each outfit you want to wear to each day's schedule. 
  • Map out each day in terms of weather so that you aren't unpleasantly surprised if the temperature drops one morning and doesn't coordinate with the outfit you'd planned. 
  • Hang your selected outfit on a hook behind your closet door so that you don't have to file through your clothes that morning in search of it. 
  • Use a clothing rack to hang up all your outfits for the week so that everything is prepared in advance, and you don't need to stress the night before, either! 

There are so many different ways to organize your clothing in drawers, closets, and walk-in closets that'll maximize your space and make your life easier! The key is to think about accessibility, efficiency, and minimalism in the space. Whether you need to reorganize your drawers or want some help sprucing up your closet space and decluttering, this guide is meant to help all who want to make their spaces look, well, more spacious and organized. For more information and products, check out Old Time Pottery's organization collection! Happy organizing!


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