Hosting and lifestyle experts, Shannon and Jenna of The Busy Bee, are on the blog today sharing how to maximize your bedroom storage space by using small dressers and cabinets as nightstands.

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When it comes to curating a living space, we are firm believers in choosing pieces that provide not only style, but also function in your home. Style is personal and helps you achieve a space that appeals to the aesthetics you are visually drawn to. For example, it can range from coastal-inspired living to farmhouse chic whether you’re living in a downtown apartment or on a pasture on the outskirts of town. Function is more practical and is meant to serve everyone who utilizes the space. As such, it can define a space, provide organization and maximize storage. 

While Shannon was recently working on her master bedroom refresh, she wanted to achieve two things by updating her nightstands. She first wanted to change the overall look and feel (style) of them to something more updated and less traditional. Her existing nightstands were a cherry wood finish she purchased many years ago. She also wanted to provide more storage space (function) for her and her husband’s personal belongings. Since the existing nightstands were arguably compact, they didn’t offer much room for storing their things. With that, Shannon headed to Old Time Pottery to check out their wide assortment of accent furniture to see what stylish and functional pieces she could use to accomplish her goals.

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As she perused the vast aisles of accent furniture, she came across bedside tables, decorative cabinets, small dressers and shelving units. After some consideration, she knew exactly what would solve her issues. Choosing a decorative cabinet or a small dresser would not only update the look of her room, but also provide the additional storage solutions she was looking for.

Things To Consider When Using Small Dressers and Cabinets as Nightstands

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There are a few things to consider when choosing a small dresser or cabinet as a nightstand in order to help you create a space you love and one that also meets your functional needs. 


Pay attention to the size of the dresser or cabinet as it compares to your bed. If you have a full size bed, for example, opt for a smaller dresser or cabinet that doesn’t overpower the bed. If you have a king size bed, you can go a bit larger with the piece you choose. 

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Also keep in mind the items you place on top of the nightstand. Decorative items such as bedside lamps, picture frames and trinkets should be in proportion to the dresser or cabinet. Displaying a lamp that is too small will make the accent furniture feel too large and out of place.


While a small dresser or cabinet will make your space feel more grand and luxurious, keep the weight of the accent piece in mind while making your decision. If your headboard is heavy and masculine, consider something with more delicate details to soften the overall look of your space. On the contrary, if your headboard is soft and delicate, choose a small dresser or cabinet with a little more weight to counter the femininity. 

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Depending on the size of your entire space, using larger pieces next to your bedside may mean you have to compromise other pieces of furniture. Perhaps there is not enough room in your space for a large dresser. With that, two larger pieces of furniture next to the bed may be the best option for you to use instead. In this instance there is no need for a large dresser.

Choosing Small Dressers and Cabinets as Nightstands

Once Shannon decided on the type of furniture she wanted to incorporate into her bedroom design, it was time to narrow her options down to the final details such as color, decorative finishes and dimensions. Truth be told, she narrowed it down to two options and found it too difficult to make a decision without seeing both options in her space. With that, she purchased both pieces, loaded them into her car (with assistance from a helpful Old Time Pottery employee) and headed home to see them in their potential new home.

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After placing each cabinet next to her headboard and window treatments, it became immediately evident which piece she would keep. While she loved the detailing and finish of the other option, this green-toned cabinet provided a sense of warmth she was drawn to. The addition of the warm tone in her space added a layer of coziness perfect for a master bedroom retreat. It also provided much more storage space than her existing nightstands and a unique look you wouldn’t come to expect in a bedroom.

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As for the storage aspect, Shannon is using decorative baskets to store her personal belongings that will also provide style and function inside the cabinet. They help keep items organized while also maintaining a tidy look when the cabinet doors are open. 

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All in all, when designing a space, it is important to consider the style and function of every piece you choose to incorporate. If you focus on one aspect over the other, you may end up with a piece you love but doesn’t serve you or a piece that provides tons of function but doesn’t bring you joy. This notion holds true for even the pieces you choose to flank your bedside. Using small dressers or cabinets as nightstands not only provide an unexpected look, but also more storage in a space you might not have utilized otherwise.

For the complete transformation of Shannon’s Master Bedroom Refresh, be sure to head to The Busy Bee where you can find all the fun before and after photos!

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