Looking for simple summer outdoor decorating ideas to spruce up your porch or patio? Outdoor living took off in the past year, and the trend seems on track to continue during 2022. We all enjoy our outdoor spaces as an extension of our indoor ones, so turning them into outdoor rooms for entertaining and socializing is becoming increasingly popular.

The goal is to increase the number of hours and days you can enjoy your outdoor spaces. This means dressing them up with patio and outdoor furniture, outdoor rugs, planters, chimineas, umbrellas, pillows, and throw blankets to make them comfortable as well as beautiful. These ideas may not be new, but their usefulness in transforming seldom or occasionally used outdoor areas into everyday living spaces is gaining popularity in 2021. Try out these summer decor ideas to make the most of your porch or patio.

Decorating Tips for Outdoor Spaces

Getting your outdoor spaces ready for the summer months can seem like a daunting task. This year's trends are all about incorporating your porch, patio, or even your balcony as a part of your everyday life. The idea of creating an outdoor room is now in full bloom, and whether you have a small patio with plenty of shade or a large back porch with plenty of room for grilling, outdoor spaces in 2021 are synonymous with time spent entertaining family and friends as well as comfortable relaxation at home.

Below are some decorating tips for creating an outdoor space you enjoy. Use these as your foundation and build on them for an outdoor room you can truly enjoy.

Use a simple color palette: Most outdoor spaces have a built-in backdrop of lush greenery and colorful foliage, so you don't have to go heavy on colors. This doesn't mean that you can't use bright, happy colors, it just means that you might not need as many as you would inside. Select one or two main colors and spice up the space with texture and/or florals. Take your cues from the surrounding plants.

Consider each outdoor space as a part of your indoor space: While you may not need as many colors in your outdoor décor, you do need to foster a sense of continuity between the two areas. Decorate your outdoor spaces as you would your indoor ones with comfy throw pillows, chunky throws for cooler nights, and accessories that add interest.

Define different spaces with outdoor rugs: If you have a large outdoor space or even a small one, you can define areas for different uses. Make a small conversation area by placing a rug underneath two chairs and an accent table. Ground the space by putting an area rug under an outdoor sectional, just as you would inside.

With these tips in mind, let's play.

Freshen Up the Front Porch

The front porch is where your house makes its first impression. Even a small front porch is a great place to sit on pleasant summer evenings and watch people in your neighborhood stroll by. You can even invite them onto your front porch to sit and visit. If you have a welcoming seating area, that is. That's why it is important to offer an inviting space outside your front door that makes guests feel welcome.

Even better, creating an inviting front porch can easily be done on a budget. One of the simplest and most budget-friendly ways to freshen up your front porch is to add some greenery. Anchor both sides of the front door with faux plants in rattan or wicker baskets to liven up the entryway. Seasonal wreaths are a great way to give the front door a splash of life. It's quick, easy, and effortless with a huge payoff in fresh color.

There may not be room on every front porch for seating, but if yours has the room, take advantage of it. A couple of comfortable chairs and a table will make a small front porch comfortable and inviting. Add a rocking chair for a rustic touch, even if that's not your general style, it works in an outdoor space.

If your front porch is roomier, consider adding a porch swing or sofa. A porch is for sitting and relaxing, so a rocking chair or swing fosters both relaxation and calmness. Level up the comfort factor with plenty of throw pillows in bright summer colors. Floral patterns are also great for summer décor.

As much as you love your neighbors, there might be a time when you want a little privacy or relief from the bright sun. Instead of heading indoors and losing your favorite spot, install a simple tension rod and some curtains that you can close for a bit of respite from the sun. You'll get instant shade and a little privacy when you want it.

Even if you have a porch light, place a few lanterns around your front porch, they'll cast a warm ambient light in the evening. You can use portable ones with LED candles or fill a glass one with battery-operated tiny string lights. And lastly, add some wall art. Traditionally found inside a home, there's no reason why you can't use it on your front porch.

Add a Pop of Color with Planters

Whether on the front porch or back porch, a pop of color can liven up the décor. Use pots and planters to bring in some color and greenery. A small patio or porch can easily be transformed into a tropical oasis with plenty of plants. Adding greenery to a cool planter adds texture and color to porches and balconies.

If you are using real plants, keep in mind the amount of sunlight they need and how much your porch gets. Some plants, ferns, for example, do better in the shade, while succulents can take about four hours of sunlight a day. If you are a member of the brown thumb club, no worries. You can always bring in artificial plants and get all of the beauty with none of the work.

Once you've chosen the color, decide which characteristics you want to highlight in the overall style of your home. When placing planters near your home's entrance, take into consideration the doorway's height, the size of the entry area, and the color of your exterior walls. Whether you are using a planter on your front or back porch, choose ones that work well with paths and walkways.

The most important thing to remember is that plants offer a vertical element to your outdoor space, so your exterior home details play an integral role when choosing the planters you want to use. Proportion is especially important when placing planters on both sides of your doorway.

When using planters to bring in a pop of color, match their style with that of your outdoor furniture. For example, if your outdoor furniture is simple and minimalist, find planters with similar features and let their vibrant color be the wow factor in the space. Planters are available in a range of colors, heights, sizes, and shapes, so take advantage of the versatile décor element.

Patio & Outdoor Summer Furniture

Before you start gathering your summer outdoor decorating ideas, think about how you plan to use your outdoor space. How many guests do you usually have when you entertain? Are you planning any special events in the space this summer, such as graduations, anniversaries, or birthday parties? If you can, include several seating areas where groups of guests can mix and match as well as a dining area where all your guests can gather.

If you choose the right furniture—think comfort—you'll probably want to spend tons of time in your outdoor space. There are so many options, ranging from cozy wicker benches and rocking chairs to lounges that offer the ultimate in comfort. In addition, consider adding some multi-use outdoor furniture pieces, especially in smaller porches or balconies. Choose a side table that can double as additional seating when needed or an ottoman that can be used as a table. These are very simple summer décor ideas that can enhance your porch or patio.

Ceramic garden stools have gone from having a moment to trending to practically a staple for outdoor spaces. This small but diverse piece of furniture can complete the look in an outdoor room that feels like it lacks something. They make great side tables in small spaces and add color to the décor. There is a wide range of options, including unique textures and shapes as well as patterns and bold colors.

Don't ignore the pathways and walkways around your outdoor spaces. When your entertaining lasts until darkness falls, you'll need lighting for a variety of uses. Self-charging solar stake lights can be added to highlight areas of your garden and outline pathways, keeping your guests safe, and tiki torches can create a festive atmosphere at outdoor gatherings. Tiki torches can also be used to designate seating areas when entertaining outdoors. And don't forget some citronella candles to keep the mosquitoes away.

Extend the outdoor space in your backyard even further by adding a pergola or umbrella. This gives you more space to enjoy the area as well as a refuge from the sun. Umbrellas not only offer shade on hot days, but they also make great decorations.

Porches and patios are the perfect places to add a touch of whimsy. An outdoor water fountain will really make your space stand out. Not only will it add visual interest, but its gentle burbling also creates a relaxing sound your family and friends will enjoy.

When it comes to outdoor spaces, there's so much you can do witho breaking the bank. Spruce things up with these summer décor ideas, and you'll have it made in the shade all summer long.

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