You can grab a few supplies from Old Time Pottery and make a fun terra cotta candy dish. I am going to show you four different ways to use it below. Paint it any color you desire then add in the candy or the display of your choice. This is a simple craft that is so easy to make. Be sure to pick up supplies to make a bunch as you will love having them around your home. terra cottage candy dish collage Start with terra cotta pots, round glass bowls, terra cotta saucers, wood beads, glue, wood filler, and spray paint. Find elements that fit together by browsing the aisles of your local Old Time Pottery and dry fitting them before purchasing. terra cotta candy dish four ways Paint the inside of the saucers first with spray paint and allow to dry. In the meantime, fill one hole in your wood beads with wood filler and allow to dry. terra cotta candy dish four ways-001 Attach the wood bead (wood filled side up) to the unpainted bottom of the saucers with super glue or Liquid Nails. Allow to cure completely. Spray paint the remainder of this saucer once the glue has set. Allow to dry. terra cotta candy dish four ways-002 In the meantime, you can paint the outside only of the terra cotta pots the same color as the saucers you painted above. Allow those to dry completely then attach them to the round glass bowls with a clear glue like super glue or E6000. Allow the glue to dry completely before continuing. terra cotta candy dish four ways-003 All that is left is to use your terra cotta candy dish in a variety of ways. Drop in jelly beans for a fun Easter display. I used an aqua paint for this version but you can paint in any pastel or Easter color you like. Make a few of these for the kids’ table for a unique display that everyone will love. terra cotta candy dish four ways-004 Go more classic and display gum balls in your terra cotta candy dish. Paint the elements a classic glossy red for this version. Use in your home every day or set out at a birthday party. terra cotta candy dish four ways-005 Go slightly less traditional and paint your candy dish white. You can then add on gold leaf with some spray adhesive. Be sure to seal everything with a good quality spray sealer. You can use this one as a candy dish or add in some artificial succulents for a gorgeous home décor piece. terra cotta candy dish four ways-006 Don’t know if you would use a candy dish year round? You will if you also serve dip in it! This is perfect for parties and if you paint it in a neutral black or grey it can work anytime of the year. terra cotta candy dish four ways-007 It is amazing what a few simple supplies from Old Time Pottery can become. Start shopping your local store for the perfect glass bowls and terra cotta pots today. You will want to make several of these terra cotta candy dishes in every color of the rainbow!
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