It's time to break out the Summer decorations for homes and patios! Bright sunny beach days, time spent basking by the pool, and taking in the Summer and all the fun that comes along with the season is something almost everyone looks forward to. The kids are out of school, companies might offer Summer Fridays, and much-awaited vacations are ahead. Oh, the things that bring us joy and create lifetime memories. What's not to love about this beautiful time of year?

But you have to get out of the heat sometimes, taking a moment to breathe and refresh in your home's air conditioning. That doesn't mean the Summer spirit stops. There are ways to bring liveliness inside every living space, from large houses to compact apartments. Coming up with Summer decorating ideas may have you at a loss, but you can do tons of DIY projects to update your living space for the coming months. There's summertime decor for nearly every spot you can think of, from the dining room to the bathroom, your living room, and more.

At Old Time Pottery, we bring you Summer decorations for homes that are affordable, stylish, and high-quality. As experts in the home decor game, we select the best products to grace the aisles, so you can find the home decor items you love.

Keep reading to get some Summer decorating ideas, tips on when to make your seasonal updates, color schemes that match the season, and how to match them to your home. We can help you make your home feel summery in no time.

Why & When Should You Decorate & Update Decor for Summertime

Decorating for Summer can bring happiness and joy into the home. It's psychologically proven that the right colors and decor can improve your mood, make a house feel more like home, and show off your style. Summertime decorating can help get everyone excited for the season with just a few quick updates to your living space.

It inspires the feeling of moving forward, avoiding the feeling of being stuck in "groundhog day" mode year-round. It centers you in the here and now, reminding you of everything to look forward to and value in the Summer.

When to Decorate for Summer

The question of when you should put out summer decorations for home a refresh is excellent to ask. You might feel like you just put out your Spring decor. Oh, how time flies! You can carry over some themes from Spring, like lighter color palettes and airy floral prints. However, other DIY summertime decorating ideas can elevate your space to make it even more on-trend.

A good rule of thumb for timing summertime decor is to aim for just before Memorial Day or mid-May. Memorial Day is the official kick-off for Summer: BBQs, parties, fireworks, parades, and more inspire the season's excitement. Get everyone hyped up and ready to go a few weeks ahead, so the spirit is already home as we celebrate the hotter days ahead.

Decorating too early may make you feel like you're cutting Spring short, not displaying the first hint of warm weather long enough, and rushing things along. Wait too long, though, and you might feel like you missed the mark. But don't worry–the home decor is always fun and playful no matter what time of year, and getting your Summer decor pieces in advance is a great way to go. You'll be ready to update the feel of your home as soon as you feel it's ready.

Examples of Summer Color Schemes

Spring color palettes are warm and fresh, and that's definitely something you want to carry over. Colors like tangerine, a popping red, and light green and yellow make an appearance. Spring decor often follows the idea of trees and flowers blooming for the first time, and many keep an Easter theme of pastel eggs and bunnies on display. Warm tones are popular throughout Spring.

Summer color palettes, however, are elevated slightly, and the theme changes. The palette will change to an even lighter and more breathable collection–as will the textures. Now is the time to bring in ocean blues and maintain cool tones throughout your space. Crisp whites are popular, sandy beach tans and taupes, and bright yellows and fuchsia add an excellent accent. Keeping the bright greenery you brought in last season is definitely a yes.

With Summer comes a different texture palette, too. During the Spring, soft materials and smooth surfaces rule. Consider adding nautical elements like rope and twine, light wood, and wavy textures for the upcoming season. These living room, bathroom, and bedroom updates can make a huge difference.

Examples of Summer Decorations & Themes to Match Your Home

There are several popular themes to bring into your home for Summer. Those who live near a coastline often bring in accents that include waves, sand, beach umbrellas, seashells, and anchors. But that's not the only way to go.

Another fan-favorite is to bring fruit into the picture. A display bowl or tray with bright faux fruit such as lemons, limes, and watermelon speaks to the tastes of Summer. There are also a few Summer holidays that you can use as a theme. With Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day closing the season, a red, white, and blue decor theme is another way to go. With American flags, holiday-colored banners, and decorative wall art, you can keep the season's spirit alive through the months.

Summer decorations for the home can go virtually anywhere. Of course, you want to feature your main space as much as possible. The kitchen, living room, or dining room are often places where people gather most, giving you an excellent opportunity to bring decor into these spots.

Examples of Great Summer Decorations

You know what colors to use with your DIY decorating and popular textures and themes. But what items best showcase these elements in a fun and playful way? Finding incredible Summer decorations doesn't have to be complicated. Instead, get your imagination going and make it a fun project!

Some summertime decorating ideas include:

  • Keeping fresh or faux flowers on display in beautiful vases in the kitchen or dining room.
  • Update bathroom hand towels that match your theme and color palette.
  • Create decorative accent bowls and trays with summery orbs and faux fruit.
  • Add plenty of greenery and fake plants using hanging flower planters, small tabletop accents, and more.
  • Change out the sheets and duvet in the bedrooms. Use a Summer color palette to bring the season inside.
  • Get rid of clutter and minimize the use of layers, so your house feels brighter and more spacious.
  • While purely decorative items add a special touch, bring practical pieces, too. Summer-themed aprons and towels for the kitchen, new grilling sets, lighter curtains for the bedroom, and fresh scented soaps for the bathroom with new home fragrances.

Using some of these examples helps your home look like Summer and creates an entire experience at every turn. Nothing is better than feeling immersed in the balmy season than spreading it throughout your living space.

Decorating Tips For Making Your House Feel Summery

Several key ideas can pull the look together if you're looking for tips on celebrating Summer in your home.

Get Rid of Clutter and Past Season Decor

First, look around for items that might clash with the feel. Anything still lying around from the Winter, like heavy coats and boots, can move to storage. Easter baskets can be put away. While you likely decluttered during spring cleaning, do a once-over to ensure your home remains free of items you no longer need.

Choose Your Summer Colors and Theme

Next, pick your color palette and theme. While many typical go-to's exist, you don't have to stick hard and fast to these suggestions. Pick colors and themes that match your taste and complement the prominent pieces in your home. This may mean using more translucent or transparent vases as accents or slightly more glamorous silvers and mirrors that keep with the crispness that's crucial to the season.

Extend Your Decor Outside

Extend your decorations to your patio, too. Replace your outdoor rugs with ones that haven't taken a toll from the snow and rain of seasons past, or introduce lighter tones. Surround your outdoor space with greenery and hanging lights, and even get a set of new wicker rattan furniture if you're really looking to amp things up.

Keep Summertime Decorating In a Cohesive & Matching Style

Most importantly, stick to one theme and color palette with all your decor. For example, having a nautical bathroom with a fruit-themed kitchen can seem mismatched and throw off the idea of creating something cohesive.

Stay Minimal–Don't Over-Do It

Remember that you don't have to go big or go home. Often, just a few quick updates can make a significant difference. Implementing a few quick touches here and there provides a light update without creating an overwhelming feeling in the space. Instead of feeling like you're walking into Summer Wonderland, with floor-to-ceiling completely covered, the Summer spirit keeps a less-is-more approach.

A decorative basket here and there, a touch of greenery here and there, and small accent swaps like towels and bedding can serve the purpose without making it look over the top.


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