Hosting and lifestyle experts, Shannon and Jenna of The Busy Bee, are on the blog today sharing three simple ways to make an outdoor space feel cozy. Over the last four years of owning her first home, Jenna has always dreamed of refreshing her patio into a cozy outdoor space to host playdates, dive into a good book, and teach her little ones on the days they long to do schoolwork outside. Jenna sketching outdoors on the patio

While it’s important to make your house feel like a home on the inside, it’s just as important to create a space outside where guests and loved ones feel like they can kick their feet up, soak in the fresh air, and make themselves feel right at home. That’s why we’re here to share three simple ways to make an outdoor space feel cozy! Cozy patio décor

Start with a Rug

A quality outdoor rug sets the tone and makes an outdoor space feel as cozy as any room inside your home. Have you ever walked outside onto a porch with a rug and felt the desire to take off your shoes, prop up on the outdoor couch, and grab your favorite book and a cup of hot coffee? YES! Rugs make an outdoor space feel cozy because they create the illusion of a room while adding a pop of color. Before selecting a rug, measure your furniture to determine the size you’ll need. Jenna opted for a 5’x7’ morrocan themed rug to place under her new outdoor furniture from Old Time Pottery. Be sure to choose a rug designed for the outdoors to enhance its’ overall lifetime. A Moroccan themed rug Then, consider the overall theme of your outdoor space before selecting a pattern and/or color. Keep in mind, patterns are great for hiding any stains or dirt that may get collected from outdoor traffic. If your space receives little traffic, we love a great Jute rug to soften the space! Finally, don’t be afraid to play with your space. Move the rug to different locations on your porch or patio to determine your favorite location. Scenery is everything, and you’ll want to choose a spot with a good view. Once you choose the best location, lay the rug down, and start creating your cozy outdoor space! You won't want to leave this cozy outdoor space

Plants Bring a Space to Life

Every hostess knows the best kept secret to creating a cozy space is to add plants. Both faux and real plants add life to any space, and there’s something about the pop of greenery that makes it feel fresh and cozy. You can also spice it up by adding colorful outdoor planters to your space! Plants bring so much life to this patio space We like to decorate in threes, and we chose three of our favorite plants for Jenna’s patio. Old Time Pottery offers a variety of faux plants to choose from. From modern cement potted plants to our favorite Fiddle Leaf trees, their selection provides something for everyone. More greenery to add more to this outdoors space Brilliant plants on a table When choosing the best plants to make an outdoor space feel cozy, choose three different sized plants to balance the overall space. We placed a tall tree beside Jenna’s wicker bench and two smaller plants nested together with an armchair. Greenery brings so much life to a room, and we’re so excited how these three plants tied the whole look together! An overview of the new cozy outdoor space

Complete with Pillows

The final step in making an outdoor space feel cozy is to add decorative throw pillows. Not only do pillows add interest to a space by providing pops of colors and patterns, they also allow guests to feel comfortable enough to lay back and relax. Pillows with pops of color Comfy and cozy pillows Tables with stunning patterns We like to tie the theme together by selecting colors and patterns to match the rug. Pair pillows together on larger pieces of furniture, and don’t be afraid to layer a few pillows on the floor to be used as floor cushions. The more seating, the better! Now that you’ve completed your outdoor cozy space, invite some friends over, pour some coffee, lay back and relax!Shannon and Jenna enjoying the space they've enhanced Looking to refresh your porch or patio into a cozy outdoor space? Old Time Pottery offers a variety of outdoor furniture, rugs, pillows, and plants for every style, color scheme, and theme to choose from. From wicker chairs to wrought iron tables, selecting pieces for your space is so easy because they offer a little something for everyone! The ultimate patio refresh P.s. To see how The Busy Bee is using Jenna’s patio refresh to entertain for the Big Game this year, be sure to head to their blog for all the details including an easy and tasty Super Bowl Menu your guests are sure to love!
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